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Scott Brown is a cybrarian at Oracle, Inc. and the owner of Social Information Group, an independent information practice that focuses on the effective use of social networking tools for sharing and finding information. His book, Social Information: Gaining Competitive and Business Information Using Social Media Tools, was published in September 2012. He has over 20 years of experience in library and information organisations.

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Articles by Scott Brown:

Jinfo Blog My Favourite Tipples from a digital disruption tracker
Wednesday, 6th June 2018

My Favourite Tipples are shared by Scott Brown, senior cybrarian at Oracle, Inc. and owner of Social Information Group. He shares a few of his favourite online sources from the perspective of "digital disruption", a hot topic in the high-tech industry.

Jinfo Blog Future-proofing your information service, in the company of peers
Monday, 2nd April 2018

Co-facilitator Scott Brown reflects on the Community series "Future-proof your information service" which offered participants the opportunity to work on structured approaches and to take practical frameworks and models back to their organisations.

Jinfo Blog My Favourite Tipples from a competitive tech researcher
Wednesday, 24th August 2016

My Favourite Tipples are shared by Scott Brown, cybrarian at Oracle, Inc. and owner of Social Information Group. He shares a few of his favourite online sources, both from the high-tech and competitive realm as well as the the sphere of Brexit and "obsessions".

Jinfo Blog What Are We Doing?
Tuesday, 11th December 2012

The framing question of this Information Practice Newsletter editorial seems to be: what are we doing? The tone of that question seems fraught with existential angst, but this issue provides some practical guidance.

Jinfo Blog Right Time, Place, Skill Set, Mind Set
Tuesday, 27th November 2012

Robin Neidorf observes that our work as information professionals is perhaps not about trying to manage knowledge ‘but the application of knowledge: enabling the right know-how to emerge for workers at just the right time and place’. While this can seem like a random and serendipitous event, well outside of our control, how can we consciously create an environment for this to happen more often?

Jinfo Blog Curation, cats and intuition
Tuesday, 20th November 2012

When I get down to the business of sorting through relevant video and data, how do I sort through it all? And ultimately, do I trust the data, or do I trust my intuition?

Jinfo Blog All Things To All People?
Tuesday, 13th November 2012

It continues to be clear that information professionals bring valuable skills and services to our users in a variety of ways. But should we try to be all things to all people - or do a few things really well? The question continues to plague us, and also continues to offer us flexibility and opportunity.

Jinfo Blog Guide, Aggregator, Evaluator, Facilitator
Tuesday, 6th November 2012

I confess - when I was growing up, the only thing I asked for from any librarian was a good book recommendation. In grade school, I needed information on Alaska - and the librarian gave me a book on Alaska. In college, I needed some reading and criticism on Robert Burns - and the librarian pointed me to books by and about Robert Burns. It simply did not occur to me to ask the librarian for assistance beyond a book.

Jinfo Subscription Inventing Our Own Future
Thursday, 1st November 2012

Users are well aware that the information environment is changing, and they're having their own struggles navigating this space. We have a huge opportunity in addressing that pain point, among others. That's a huge challenge, but an even bigger opportunity for information professionals. How often do we get to invent the future? And what are we going to do about it?

Jinfo Blog Making Inroads into the Organisation
Tuesday, 30th October 2012

The concept of 'embedded librarianship' feels as if information professionals somehow insinuated themselves into a more strategic position in the organisation (which, in part, is exactly what we did). This Information Practice Newsletter editorial reflects some other stealthy ways that information professionals are making inroads into the organisation.

Jinfo Blog Endorsements and "Networked individualism"
Tuesday, 23rd October 2012

Blog posts and tweets are one thing to use and manage as information sources. How do we begin to make sense of and integrate "content" - and it IS content - such as number of endorsements for a particular skill, or star ratings? And how is an increasingly networked world shift expectations for managing information?

Jinfo Blog The soft side of practice - relationships
Tuesday, 16th October 2012

While I enjoy the 'hard' side of information work - data, competitive intelligence, visualisation - I continue to find the 'soft' side of information work fascinating.

Jinfo Blog Whence come our information and opportunities?
Tuesday, 9th October 2012

Shifts in information sources and needs illustrate an ongoing challenge for information professionals and managers. Watching for new and emerging information sources and for opportunity is not nearly as clear-cut as it used to be.

Jinfo Blog Go with the flow
Tuesday, 2nd October 2012

Are we really freeing the river of information via information "streams" and other tools, or are these examples just spouts of water leaking from the dam?

Jinfo Blog Free, Useful, Dangerous? Comparative review of Google News, Yahoo! News and Bing News
Wednesday, 26th September 2012

Sources like Bing News, Google News and Yahoo! News can readily provide “good enough” information in many situations – getting familiar with a new topic, monitoring mentions of a company, or identifying spikes in news coverage, just to name a few. These advantages can very appealing to individual users and to organisations. But when free news sources are being used within the organisation, some potential liabilities can come into play.  A new FreePint Report compares and contrasts the major search engines for business news monitoring and discusses the risks an organisation takes on by using these services.

Jinfo Blog Seeking the content niche
Tuesday, 25th September 2012

Content of every kind is increasingly becoming available via free channels - and it seems like it's becoming harder for information vendors to figure out what content customers will actually purchase. It seems as if the struggle to find the "content niche" will continue to become even more difficult - yet vendors are rising to the challenge of distinguishing their offerings.

Jinfo Blog The "hidden" side of information practice
Tuesday, 18th September 2012

We conduct high-value research, and provide analysis and insight. These are the activities we usually talk about when we talk about our work. This editorial provides a view of some of the "hidden" aspects of information management, and the breadth and depth of the impact we can have.

Jinfo Blog Chaos, idiocy and salvation
Tuesday, 11th September 2012

Can we win the battle against information chaos and idiocy? Scott Brown reflects on recent FreePint Articles, reviews and observations from our community about the ongoing struggles to build value through information usage and management.

Jinfo Blog What Is Hidden Will Be Revealed
Tuesday, 4th September 2012

As researchers, we are continually learning about new tools, exploring new topical areas and finding new sources of information - subscription, free, or otherwise. Traditionally difficult-to-find information is increasingly becoming accessible. 

Jinfo Blog Unique content, big content
Tuesday, 28th August 2012

What challenges do unique content and "big content" create for us as information professionals? We take a look at a review of Thomson Innovation, a patent research tool, and rumours of a Dun & Bradstreet sale.

Jinfo Blog Digging into the information mine
Tuesday, 21st August 2012

Scott Brown looks at the themes of information mining. The featured articles look at the reality of working with big data; mining competitive information in social tools; information "scent"; and plagiarism.

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Reports by Scott Brown:

Jinfo Subscription FreePint Report: Product Review of Attensa StreamServer
Tuesday, 14th August 2012

The Attensa StreamServer is an enterprise-scale content management and delivery application. Attensa bills the product as providing "enterprise information management and personalised intelligence delivery solutions." It was built to address not just the issue of information overload, but the...

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