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Michelle Manafy is the senior editor of Min, which publishes the Media Industry Newsletter - the go-to resources for advertising data, news, deals, trends and personnel moves shaping the consumer magazine publishing industry - and hosts the industry's premier events and awards programs. Previously, Michelle held the position of Editor-in-chief at Free Pint Limited, a global publisher of sites, research and resources that support the value of information in the enterprise. Prior to joining FreePint, Michelle served as the Editorial Director of the Enterprise Group for Information Today, Inc. where she was editor of EContent Magazine and chair of the Buying & Selling eContent Conference and Enterprise Search Summits. She is the co-editor of and a contributor to the book Dancing With Digital Natives: Staying in Step With the Generation That's Transforming the Way Business is Done(May 2011, CyberAge Books). An award-winning columnist, Michelle's focus is on emerging trends in digital content and how they shape successful business practices. She speaks at a variety of industry events and serves as a judge for content and technology competitions. She has worked in book and magazine publishing for more than 20 years in areas ranging from pop culture to academic nonfiction and holds a BA in journalism from San Francisco State University.

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Articles by Michelle Manafy:

Jinfo Blog The more things change ...
Wednesday, 20th June 2012

Some tensions may persist in perpetuity. Consider that between sagacious seasoned veterans and, say, kids today. There's no end of research that demonstrates, for example, how different the work ethic (or at least generational perception of it) is between older and younger workers. It might be easy to write off youth as having short attention spans, but the message must mind the medium as we address evolving technological and information needs.

Jinfo Blog Get a clear picture of information investments
Wednesday, 6th June 2012

There are so many intangibles in information work that it can be incredibly challenging to evaluate the efficacy of our efforts. How rare and lovely are those moments when you can point to an information resource that resulted in clear business advantage? What's needed is a good basis for comparison on information investment and resources, but it's very difficult to come by.

Jinfo Blog Information overload: fact, fantasy or filter failure?
Wednesday, 23rd May 2012

Information overload is a figment of your imagination. Or a failure of your filter. Or a symptom of your technological submissiveness. Depends on who you ask.

Jinfo Blog Content evolution and the need to stay flexible to survive
Wednesday, 9th May 2012

Surprise! People young and old still read print newspapers. Twenty percent of US Adults have read a newspaper in the past month and those 18 to 24 read them as often as other age groups.

Jinfo Blog Semantics questions
Wednesday, 18th April 2012

Ever ask someone to clarify something they've just said and, instead of rephrasing, they repeat the same thing, only louder? It's like bellowing blather at the blind and blaming them for not getting the picture.

Jinfo Blog Intranet management strategies and resources
Tuesday, 10th April 2012

With the promise of providing a central place for internal communication and collaboration, intranets are viewed as an essential tool for many enterprises. However from the end user perspective, intranets are often seen as little more than, at best, a glorified employee directory or, at worst, a necessary (if evil) interface to access corporate information and tools. There are, of course, stellar intranets that live up to their potential. Achieving the fundamental promise of intranets, much less the successful integration of social features, requires strategic planning and governance

Jinfo Blog Categorically delivering information value
Wednesday, 4th April 2012

When it comes to return on information investments, there nothing more satisfying than seeing resources used. Oh sure, we'd all like some sort of tacit-value-ticker that made a cheerful chime every time a member of staff has an ah-ha moment or a bit of data generates a lot of revenue.

Jinfo Blog Libraries, learning and the bottom line
Tuesday, 20th March 2012

This month I had the privilege of speaking at two library events. The first was a remarkable response to a lack of budget for employee travel. The New York Public Library system employs hundreds of librarians. Thus, it isn't a great surprise that it can't afford to send many of them to conferences and educational events.

Jinfo Blog The VIP LiveWire has moved
Monday, 20th February 2012

Jinfo Blog Awards night at 2012 Information Industry Summit
Wednesday, 25th January 2012

Jinfo Blog Social media: ongoing challenges and conversations
Thursday, 10th November 2011

Jinfo Blog New hires signal EDGAR Online plans
Tuesday, 13th September 2011

Jinfo Blog FirstRain goes with the workflow
Monday, 11th July 2011

Jinfo Blog Consuming news on your own terms
Wednesday, 18th May 2011

Jinfo Blog Community-centric reading and library eBooks
Tuesday, 17th May 2011

Jinfo Blog Informed Knowledge Management - A VIP Editorial
Wednesday, 19th January 2011