Jody Ridgwell
Production and Design Manager

Jody Ridgwell joined the Jinfo team in 2008 and is responsible for design and production. He puts together all our publications and manages workflow relating to production and deadlines.

Jody was previously a designer at a graphic design agency, and can be reached at

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Articles by Jody Ridgwell:

Jinfo Blog Jinfo Newsletter 450 has been published
Thursday, 7th July 2016

Jinfo Newsletter 450 has been published. Help shape our research and editorial focus by giving us your inputs into our latest survey.

Jinfo Blog Jinfo Newsletter 449 published
Thursday, 23rd June 2016

Jinfo Newsletter 449 has been published. How to re-balance time and resources to achieve excellence in information services.

Jinfo Blog Jinfo Newsletter 448 Published
Thursday, 9th June 2016

Jinfo Newsletter 448 has been published. How to focus your services, interactions and development on source expertise.

Jinfo Blog Jinfo Newsletter 447 Published
Thursday, 19th May 2016

Jinfo Newsletter 447 has been published. Tap into the technology expertise of your colleagues in IT.

Jinfo Blog Jinfo Newsletter 446 Published
Thursday, 5th May 2016

Jinfo Newsletter 446 has been published. Let our proven expertise help you through thorny challenges around sources, technology or value.

Jinfo Blog Jinfo Newsletter 445 Published
Thursday, 21st April 2016

Jinfo Newsletter 445 has been published. Get our Insights & Actions Report and start work towards an improved collaborative future.

Jinfo Blog Jinfo Newsletter 444 Published
Thursday, 7th April 2016

Jinfo Newsletter 444 has been published. Find out how to use our new pricing model to take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Jinfo Blog Jinfo Newsletter 443 Published
Thursday, 24th March 2016

Jinfo Newsletter 443 has been published. Our new Research Focus will help you to achieve critical balance between generalists and specialists on your information team.

Jinfo Blog Jinfo Newsletter 442 Published
Thursday, 10th March 2016

Jinfo Newsletter 442 has been published. Use our practical guidance to drive positive change in your relationships with IT.

Jinfo Blog Jinfo Newsletter 441 Published
Thursday, 25th February 2016

Jinfo Newsletter 441 has been published. Fill the critical gaps in your knowledge of how the IT department works and gain a better working relationship with them.

Jinfo Blog Jinfo Newsletter 440 Published
Thursday, 11th February 2016

Jinfo Newsletter 440 has been published. Find out about our new name and take the opportunity to explore our resources.

Jinfo Blog FreePint Newsletter 439 Published
Thursday, 21st January 2016

FreePint Newsletter 439 has been published. Do you have an up-to-date needs assessment for current awareness?

Jinfo Blog FreePint Newsletter 438 Published
Thursday, 7th January 2016

FreePint Newsletter 438 has been published. Join our webinar and Communities of Practice sessions to ensure you have a regular diary slot to focus on strategy

Jinfo Blog FreePint Newsletter 437 Published
Thursday, 17th December 2015

FreePint Newsletter 437 has been published. What are the key drivers and value objectives for you, your end-users and senior-level stakeholders when purchasing current awareness tools?

Jinfo Blog FreePint Newsletter 436 Published
Thursday, 3rd December 2015

FreePint Newsletter 436 has been published. FreePint research sheds light on whether premium news products still have a "unique and compelling role" or if organisations are opting to move to cheaper options.

Jinfo Blog FreePint Newsletter 435 Published
Thursday, 19th November 2015

FreePint Newsletter 435 has been published. Information expertise is essential to achieving business objectives like efficiency, innovation, and profit, find out how FreePint insights can help.

Jinfo Blog FreePint Newsletter 434 Published
Thursday, 5th November 2015

FreePint Newsletter 434 has been published. Register now for the Topic Series "News, and Other Commodities"; and take part in our 8th Annual News Needs and Preferences survey.

Jinfo Blog FreePint Newsletter 433 Published
Thursday, 22nd October 2015

FreePint Newsletter 433 has been published. Make the most of FreePint's digestible reports, webinars and Communities of Practice to gain essential insights from our research.

Jinfo Blog FreePint Newsletter 432 Published
Thursday, 8th October 2015

FreePint Newsletter 432 has been published. This month we're launching our Topic Series "News, and Other Commodities" - find out more and register for updates as the series progresses.

Jinfo Blog FreePint Newsletter 431 Published
Thursday, 24th September 2015

FreePint Newsletter 431 has been published. It's hard to carve time out of busy schedules to think strategically but it's essential for innovation.

Jinfo Blog FreePint Newsletter 430 Published
Thursday, 10th September 2015

FreePint Newsletter 430 has been published. Looking ahead to our new Topic Series "News, and Other Commodities" and considering the benefits of new connections - neural and in-person.

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