Nancy Davis Kho

With more than a decade of experience in the product management and business development side of online content, Nancy Davis Kho now writes about the rapidly changing environment of digital content and its implications for business.

Nancy is a frequent contributor to EContent Magazine, Streaming Media, Enterprise Search Sourcebook, and the San Francisco Chronicle. Her website is at

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Articles by Nancy Davis Kho:

Jinfo Blog Zawya on the block
Wednesday, 11th April 2012

Middle Eastern business portal Zawya's newly branded website seems to herald more than just a new look, with speculation that the company may be taken over by a leading US or UK organisation. This could be good news for researchers leading to better access for reliable Middle Eastern data.

Jinfo Blog Kindle store en Espanol
Tuesday, 10th April 2012

Amazon announces a Spanish-language Kindle bookstore and interface with 30,000 titles at launch. Barnes & Noble offers a similar product called Nook Books en Español. With a growing readership of non-English speaking people owning eBook readers, there is a huge potential for a choice of language offerings in this marketplace.

Jinfo Blog Sentiment analysis tools: but whose sentiment?
Thursday, 29th March 2012

The next step along from sentiment analysis looks at the "emotional brain" to find out what the individual is really thinking. However as in the case where the majority of online product reviews are provided by a minority of consumers, how can research really be accurate.

Jinfo Blog Mobile boosts news consumption: new study
Sunday, 25th March 2012

A recent study reports that users read news on at least two devices, primarily their own computer, but additionally a tablet or smartphone, these last two being additive sources. The challenge for publishers now is how to capitalise on this trend.

Jinfo Blog BRIC billionaires, brands and banks
Sunday, 11th March 2012

While western economies stumble, growth in BRIC countries is picking up the pace. This is especially true of Brazil where development, innovation and branding as well as scientific research is rising along with the number of billionaires.

Jinfo Blog 2011 Financial Roundup: Thomson Reuters, Reed Elsevier, McGraw-Hill
Monday, 27th February 2012

With Q4 2011 and full year financial reporting trickling out from vendors over the past month, it appears that while last year's revenue growth for the information industry may have been modest, continued cost-cutting efforts enabled the big players to achieve respectable profitability targets, especially given the languishing global economy.

Jinfo Blog Tablet Civil Wars?
Monday, 20th February 2012

The tablet market continues to flourish with competition fierce among rival companies. The exception is Apple where loyal customers are choosing the new iPhone over the old iPad. However, all may change with the iPad3 out soon.

Jinfo Blog Social media and BRIC - new report
Wednesday, 8th February 2012

Jinfo Blog Checking in with Vin Gupta
Thursday, 26th January 2012

Jinfo Blog SOPA sponsorship stumbles
Wednesday, 18th January 2012

Jinfo Blog More mobile than ever
Friday, 6th January 2012

Jinfo Blog Centaur Media beefs up biz info segment
Wednesday, 21st December 2011

Jinfo Blog More change at the top: Thomson Reuters, S&P
Tuesday, 20th December 2011

Jinfo Blog Twitter gets sticky with redesign
Saturday, 10th December 2011

Jinfo Blog Kindle Fire: The buzz is electric!
Tuesday, 22nd November 2011

Jinfo Blog ProQuest announces reorganisation
Thursday, 10th November 2011

Jinfo Blog Barnes & Nobles set to enter tablet market
Friday, 4th November 2011

Jinfo Blog eReader news round up
Friday, 21st October 2011

Jinfo Blog Google+ : Buzz levelling off?
Wednesday, 19th October 2011

Jinfo Blog Low priced tablets and a nod to Jobs
Friday, 7th October 2011

Jinfo Blog Twitter continues global expansion
Tuesday, 27th September 2011

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