Andrew Lucas
Contributing Editor

Andrew is a consultant with global experience in the online business information market. He has worked in executive roles for a number of leading business information companies, including Dow Jones, Thomson Reuters and Factiva. His expertise includes strategy, business development and M&A, as well as content licensing and managing third party distribution. As a consultant with FinTech Partners, Andrew has undertaken numerous projects in the content and information sectors. He is also the managing director of the Africa Alert current awareness service which provides coverage of local and international business news from across Africa.


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Articles by Andrew Lucas:

Jinfo Subscription Alteryx - applying technology to real world problems
Friday, 31st May 2019

This article looks at some of the issues explored in a recent webinar held by Alteryx, the data science and analytics software company, and presented by Nick Jewell and Sumit Paul-Choudhury. It looked at the history of computing and artificial intelligence and some of the issues that have started to emerge from its use. It also focused on the use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and ends with a useful checklist for AI projects.

Jinfo Subscription Mini review of AnythingResearch - US industry and market data
Friday, 17th May 2019

In this mini review we look at AnythingResearch, a provider of market research, industry trends, business reports and financial ratios on up to 1,300 US industry and market sectors. As well as looking at the company and product, we also look at its users and value, its content and competitors, who cover a range of domestic as well as international markets and include, Markets and Markets, Grand View Research, GlobalData, and IBISWorld.

Jinfo Subscription Q&A with SPi Global - technology to transform content assets
Thursday, 16th May 2019

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is playing an increasingly important role in how businesses, governments, and other organisations operate. Its growth over the last 25 years has been driven in part by the rise of the internet, which has fuelled a burgeoning BPO industry in Asia, particularly in India, China, and the Philippines. Jinfo interviewed SPi Global's chief technology officer, Jishnu Gupta, to find out about its technology-driven solutions in this area and what makes it unique.

Jinfo Subscription Q&A with Diligencia - shedding light on companies in MENA and Sub-Saharan Africa
Thursday, 9th May 2019

Diligencia's ClarifiedBy provides company information in 67 countries across MENA and Sub-Saharan Africa. It gathers public record data from a range of official sources which is cleaned, indexed, analysed and cross-referenced to build accurate and comprehensive company records. Jinfo recently spoke to Ben Hedger, regional head in Dubai, and Nameer Kanderian, the company's brand director, to find out more about the company and its ethos and future plans.

Jinfo Subscription Mini review of Company Watch - UK and international company data and analytics
Wednesday, 24th April 2019

In this mini review, we look at Company Watch, a UK-based credit reference agency which provides risk analysis and data modelling tools to predict the exposure of companies to financial risk. Competitors include Equifax Business Insights and Experian, as well as companies offering business credit analytics such as Graydon, Dun & Bradstreet's D&B Credit, S&P Global Credit Analytics and Bureau van Dijk's Credit Catalyst.

Jinfo Subscription Q&A with Synaptica - leading the way in taxonomy and ontology
Thursday, 11th April 2019

Synaptica is a leading provider of enterprise taxonomy and ontology management software tools. Jinfo recently caught up with Dave Clarke, co-founder of the company who also leads research and development, to find out about the company, its products and what makes them unique as well as his thoughts on the future of the industry.

Jinfo Subscription Guide to value in the Jinfo Research Focus - Centre of Excellence
Friday, 5th April 2019

Read our highlights from content and events in our Research Focus, "Creating an Information Centre of Excellence". Andrew Lucas guides us through the models, research, practitioner articles and interviews as well as webinars and Community sessions which will help you map your services and practices against those of the most successful information teams.

Jinfo Subscription Q&A with GSK - seamless access to global data
Thursday, 4th April 2019

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is one of the world's leading pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. As part of our Research Focus, "Creating an Information Centre of Excellence", Andrew Lucas recently spoke to Helen Malone, director of the Global Information Hub at GSK and the president of Pharma Documentation Ring to find out about the company, Helen's recent talk at the ConTech conference, GSK's comprehensive data and analytics strategy and what role information professionals can play in the future.

Jinfo Subscription Product walkthrough - Screen INFOmatch
Friday, 1st March 2019

This product walkthrough looks at TRG Screen's INFOmatch, a database application for market and reference data contracts designed to assist market data business professionals to manage their market data costs, processes, and workflows more efficiently. We take a look at the company's background, the product's development and how it benefits market and reference data stakeholders, procurement, IT, finance and business users, as well as information departments. Sectors most likely to benefit from using INFOmatch include asset management, banks, and brokers through to corporates and data vendors.

Jinfo Subscription Q&A with Steve Bynghall - the evolution of the digital workplace
Monday, 25th February 2019

The digital workplace means different things to different people but the evolution of its associated technologies means workers now expect an always-connected environment where they can access everything they need. Andrew Lucas recently spoke to Steve Bynghall, one of Jinfo's regular contributors, to find out about his experiences as a consultant and writer on the digital workplace, how organisations can most effectively use the tools they have, and what role he foresees for the information professional within this environment.

Jinfo Subscription Q&A with Andy Tattersall - a hybrid role for the future information professional
Tuesday, 19th February 2019

Andrew Lucas recently interviewed Andy Tattersall, an information specialist and long-time contributor to Jinfo, to find out how he uses technology in his work at The School of Health and Related Research at the University of Sheffield (ScHARR) and how his skills have helped to shape the university's approach to information. He also had some interesting things to say about where he thinks the information profession is headed.

Jinfo Subscription Guide to value in the Jinfo Research Focus - the accidental technologist
Wednesday, 9th January 2019

This article reports on some of the articles and reports published as part of our Research Focus, "The accidental technologist - where your expertise meets the new world". It covers the pervading influence of technology on the information profession, in particular, the impact of artificial intelligence and its implications for information professionals and the organisations they work for. Also covered are the evolution of intranets and the increasing use of chatbots.

Jinfo Subscription The impact of AI and data science on news
Friday, 14th December 2018

A key focus for information centres in many organisations is the provision of news and current awareness. The accuracy and veracity of news are increasingly being questioned in a "post-truth" world in which objective facts are considered less important in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief. In keeping with this theme, Jinfo recently attended an SLA Europe meeting which looked at, among other factors, the role technology plays in enabling the potential manipulation of the news and this article looks at some of the issues raised as well as offering some tips on what both information professionals and end-users can do to avoid being deceived.

Jinfo Subscription Product walkthrough - TDNet Discover
Thursday, 13th December 2018

This product walkthrough looks at TDNet Discover, a content and workflow management system, with up to 300 million citation and abstracts in its index. We take a look at the company's background, the product's development and how it benefits libraries and information centres in large companies, particularly pharma, biomed and electronics companies, along with hospitals and research organisations.

Jinfo Subscription Mini review of IncFact - spotlight on privately held companies
Thursday, 22nd November 2018

This mini review looks at IncFact, a company information and business discovery engine covering up to three million US companies with a focus on those that are privately owned and midsized. We look at how IncFact can be used by companies for strategy and competitive intelligence as well as by private equity firms, and hedge funds for originating and sourcing deals and for due diligence.

Jinfo Subscription Product review of Digimind Intelligence (value - help & training; competitors; development; pricing)
Monday, 8th October 2018

In the final part of our review of Digimind Intelligence, we examine how it performs in areas such as monitoring web and social media and enterprise-wide publishing, and plans for future developments. We also look at the competitor landscape, from Hootsuite to Commetric, Factiva and Comintelli.

Note: Full review (PDF) at

Jinfo Subscription Product review of Digimind Intelligence (technology - search & user interface; outputs & alerts; administration)
Friday, 5th October 2018

In part 3 of our review of the Digimind Intelligence platform for market intelligence professionals, we review the search and user interface, built around three different user experiences; the wide range of options for publishing and sharing information; and the administration functions.

Note: Full review (PDF) at

Jinfo Subscription Guide to value in the Jinfo Research Focus on intelligence systems
Friday, 5th October 2018

Current awareness continues to be a key focus for many information centres with the availability of more options than ever before. This article looks back at some of the content Jinfo has published over recent months in the Research Focus "Intelligence systems - beyond awareness to action", in relation to the provision of current awareness, content aggregation services, and intelligence systems and gives readers a chance to reflect on some of the issues involved when choosing a current awareness or intelligence platform.

Jinfo Subscription Product review of Digimind Intelligence (sources - content & coverage)
Thursday, 4th October 2018

In part 2 of our review of market intelligence and web monitoring platform, Digimind Intelligence, we review how to set up search queries, key sources covered - from blogs to videos. We also look at industry sectors covered and news aggregator connectors, including the link with Factiva.

Note: Full review (PDF) at

Jinfo Subscription Product review of Digimind Intelligence (key advantages; introduction; contact details)
Wednesday, 3rd October 2018

In part 1 of our review of Digimind Intelligence we look at the key advantages of this competitive and market intelligence product and how it supports the organisation's strategic decision-making. We also outline key customer groups, sectors, look at changes since last reviewed and how Digimind Intelligence and Digimind Social complement each other.

Note: Full review (PDF) at

Jinfo Subscription Q&A with ISI Emerging Markets - insights into product development
Thursday, 23rd August 2018

ISI Emerging Markets Group is a leading global provider of data, analysis and research on developing economies. Incorporating two well-known emerging market information and data brands, CEIC and EMIS, it brings together news, research and analytical data and peer comparisons for over 125 emerging markets. The company was sold in April of this year and having recently published a product review and product roadmap strategy, Jinfo wanted to learn more about the new company structure and the product development process at ISI.

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Reports by Andrew Lucas:

Jinfo Subscription Market landscape - suppliers of information on venture capital and private equity activity
Thursday, 28th March 2019

In this market landscape we look at 20 products which help researchers seeking information on private equity and venture capital: AlphaSense AVCJ from Acuris Bloomberg CB Insights D&B Hoovers from Dun and Bradstreet Eikon from Refinitiv FactSet for Private Equity...

Jinfo Subscription Product review of Digimind Intelligence
Wednesday, 3rd October 2018

We review Digimind Intelligence, a competitive intelligence and web monitoring product aimed at market and competitive intelligence professionals in industries from banking to pharmaceutical and agro-food. Since our last review, in 2009 - when the product was known as Digimind 9 - it has...

Jinfo Subscription Product review of InfoNgen
Friday, 13th April 2018

We last reviewed InfoNgen, the web monitoring and aggregation service, in 2013 and in this fresh new review we revisit the product to see what's changed. The InfoNgen discovery portal is a semantic web discovery platform that provides content discovery and text analytics solutions for...

Jinfo Subscription Market landscape - private equity/venture capital resources
Wednesday, 14th March 2018

This market landscape gives an overview of 12 private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) products: Bloomberg Bureau van Dijk Dow Jones - VentureSource FactSet Research Mergermarket Perfect Information - PI Navigator PitchBook Prequin PrivCo S&P Capital IQ...

Jinfo Subscription Product review of AlphaSense
Tuesday, 13th March 2018

AlphaSense is a company search engine for analysts, researchers, and other financial professionals who wish to search and analyse corporate filings and other research documents. Having only been introduced to the market in 2011, it has already won many awards. It uses proprietary linguistic...

Jinfo Subscription Product review of S&P Capital IQ
Monday, 2nd October 2017

The S&P Capital IQ platform is a web-based platform providing highly structured, in-depth financial data and information on over 63,000 public and 4.5 million private companies, as well as data on markets, industries and people. The platform provides sophisticated tools for analysis,...

Jinfo Subscription Product review of Credinform Globas-i
Wednesday, 1st February 2017

Credinform Globas-i is an online database of Russian companies and entrepreneurs as well as businesses from the Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. This review evaluates the English-language interface which gives access to very detailed reports on a wide range of companies, helping users to enhance...

Jinfo Subscription Product review of EMIS Professional
Tuesday, 8th November 2016

EMIS Professional specialises in providing business intelligence on emerging markets. It has evolved from EMISPro with significant redesign including a new user interface and improvements to navigation and functionality. This review: Introduces EMIS Professional and how it has...

Jinfo Subscription Product review of MarketScape
Monday, 19th September 2016

MarketScape MS4 is a content integration platform which is used by market intelligence and information management professionals in mid-size and large international companies to search, manage and access external open access and licensed information.  This review: Introduces...

Jinfo Subscription Product review of ReferenceUSA
Monday, 15th August 2016

ReferenceUSA, from parent company Infogroup, is an online research tool that provides business and consumer data on millions of US and Canadian businesses, households, consumers, and doctors and dentists. It is made available to end users through 85% of large public libraries in the US, as well...

Jinfo Subscription Product Review of PrivCo
Wednesday, 24th February 2016

Private company and investor database PrivCo provides difficult-to-source data on non-publicly traded companies including family-owned, private equity-owned, venture-backed and international unlisted companies as well as information on mergers and acquisitions and private equity and...

Jinfo Subscription Product Review of Cortera Pulse
Wednesday, 27th January 2016

Cortera Pulse is a business credit risk monitoring and intelligence database. This review reveals how it has shaken up the analysis of business-to-business risk assessment and distinguished itself from other B2B players. This review: Describes the target audience and identifies how...

Jinfo Subscription Product Review of Findout
Friday, 22nd January 2016

Review of the recently-launched strategic decision support tool Findout, designed to identify relevant research content and competitive intelligence from the web. This review: Provides examples of key selling points and the value Findout provides purchasers. Considers the...

Jinfo Subscription Product Review of LexisNexis Publisher
Monday, 12th January 2015

LexisNexis Publisher is a professional current awareness solution whose sources include premium news and legal content as well as web news and social media content. Users include those in corporate, legal and government, in areas from competitive intelligence to marketing. This review:...

Jinfo Subscription FreePint Report: Know Your Customer
Friday, 24th October 2014

This collection of FreePint articles on the topic of risk and compliance covers those included in the FreePint Topic Series: What You Need to Know Your Customer (KYC) . The articles tackle topics from the changing compliance culture to free resources for managing risk and keeping compliant. A...

Jinfo Subscription FreePint Report: Product Review of EMISPRO
Tuesday, 28th January 2014

ISI's Emerging Markets Information Service (EMIS) platform has been completely rebuilt and EMIS PRO has been launched as the professional version of the product aimed at investment bankers, researchers, credit analysts and business development users. An outstanding collection of emerging markets...