Sophie Alexander
Contributing Editor

Sophie Alexander is a business researcher and provides customised research to companies in a wide variety of industries with a particular interest in investigative research. She has a BA Hons in Law and a Diploma in Information Studies along with over 15 year's experience in both the public and private sector.

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Articles by Sophie Alexander:

Jinfo Subscription Why time measurement matters
Friday, 5th July 2019

American Financial Group's Information Research Centre explains the benefits they find of tracking time, from demonstrating value to identifying most engaged customer groups. They also highlight the tool they use and the downfall of the tools they've used in the past.

Jinfo Subscription Q&A with Ozmosys - a mission to disrupt and simplify news aggregation
Thursday, 18th April 2019

We interview Eric Gross, founder and president of Ozmosys, a tool which includes curated newsletter options, search, delivery and distribution under one umbrella. We find out how they're planning to disrupt the news aggregation market through lower prices and a new model which aims to become the "Slack for news".

Jinfo Subscription Q&A with - the place to learn about copyright and licensing
Friday, 22nd March 2019

Understanding copyright and licensing is a cornerstone of information work. Helping professionals learn about the issues from a practical perspective is It specialises in teaching copyright to non-lawyers, with users from a wide variety of industry sectors in countries around the world. Courses are delivered through online content, some with video, along with downloadable guides and certification programmes. Sophie Alexander spoke to founder Lesley Ellen Harris to find out how its users benefit and what's coming next.

Jinfo Subscription Mini review of Comintelli Intelligence2day - CI in the cloud
Thursday, 14th March 2019

We explore the latest features of Intelligence2day from Comintelli. A cloud-based competitive intelligence platform, Intelligence2day provides a single point of access to multiple and automates aggregation, classification, search and more. Competitors include Northern Light SinglePoint and M-Brain Intelligence Plaza.

Jinfo Subscription Product review of TBRC's Global Market Model (value - help & training; competitors; development; pricing)
Monday, 21st January 2019

Our in-depth product review of The Business Research Company's Global Market Model concludes with part 4. where we give the Jinfo verdict on the value it offers, as well as looking at the help provided by the company, competitor products, pricing for different types of users, and planned changes for 2019. This database provides integrated market information across 60 geographies and 2,400 market sectors. Competitors include Euromonitor's Passport, MarketLine's Advantage, IBISWorld, BMI Research.

Note: Full review (PDF) at

Jinfo Subscription Product review of TBRC's Global Market Model (technology - search & user interface; outputs & alerts; administration)
Thursday, 17th January 2019

Continuing our in-depth product review of The Business Research Company's Global Market Model, part 3 covers the tool's technology, search function and interface. We look at the practical side of drilling down into market data and competitor intelligence, its administrative and sharing functions, and what goes into its detailed reports.

Note: Full review (PDF) at

Jinfo Subscription Product review of TBRC's Global Market Model (sources - content & coverage)
Wednesday, 16th January 2019

Part 2 of our in-depth review of The Business Research Company's Global Market Model examines the quantity and scope of its research sources, what it will tell you about your chosen market, 50+ geographies and 150,000 datasets, and how the data is checked. Plus, we drill down into industry sectors and the tool's analytics function.

Note: Full review (PDF) at

Jinfo Subscription Product review of TBRC's Global Market Model (key advantages; introduction; contact details)
Tuesday, 15th January 2019

In part 1 of our review of Global Market Model, we look at the organisations and business roles that would benefit most from using the tool, how it can save users' time, how frequently it's updated and what makes it stand out from other market research tools. We also outline the other services provided by The Business Research Company (TBRC).

Note: Full review (PDF) at

Jinfo Subscription Q&A with Kaleidoscope - comprehensive cloud-powered company research
Tuesday, 18th December 2018

We find out more about Kaleidoscope, a new tool for next generation stock filings research and analytics and how it uses AI and cloud computing to do so. We interview co-founder Raul Peralta and marketeer Elise Lynch and ask them about their experience with 10-K Wizard (sold to Morningstar in 2008), and how Kaleidoscope can help researchers find company data on US, Canadian and UK filings, plus news, social media, blogs and analysis.

Jinfo Blog IncFact - major information on midsized companies
Tuesday, 27th November 2018

If your work involves researching private companies in the US, you'll be interested in why we recently published a mini review of IncFact, a company information and business discovery engine that covers around 3 million mainly privately held, midsized US companies.

Jinfo Subscription What technology can you use right now to improve your current awareness service?
Thursday, 8th November 2018

What are some of the myths around AI, and should you be using smart technology or cutting-edge technology in your current awareness service or use of intelligence systems?

Jinfo Blog Onelog - track resources, costs and usage
Monday, 22nd October 2018

If you subscribe to multiple resources and need to track usage and costs, an electronic resource management tool like Onelog could be the solution. Find out why we undertook a full product review and see whether you can seamlessly integrate this tool into your existing workflow.

Jinfo Blog Vable Inbox - filtering out the clutter
Tuesday, 16th October 2018

We recently reviewed Vable Inbox, an email management tool. Find out why we reviewed this tool which aims to help you filter and focus on most important incoming information.

Jinfo Subscription What's the best way to measure the value of your information service?
Monday, 15th October 2018

The theme of the Jinfo Research Focus, "Benchmark information roles - Jinfo models of excellence" is how teams measure and benchmark their information service against others. Sophie Alexander reports on a webinar which looked at how you go about measuring value by engaging with stakeholders and using the right data and metrics, rather than measuring everything.

Jinfo Blog Knowledge360 from Cipher Systems - CI with advanced machine learning
Wednesday, 10th October 2018

Find out why we reviewed Knowledge360 from Cipher Systems, the SCIP-certified end-to-end competitive intelligence platform solution designed to support market analysis, and what makes it so popular.

Jinfo Blog PharmaCircle Business Class Elite - from commercial insights to clinical trials
Friday, 28th September 2018

How does PharmaCircle Business Class Elite (BCE) fare for those seeking information on companies in the biopharmaceutical space, with its global coverage of business, research, development, regulatory and formulation science? Get a feel for BCE in this blog about our latest review.

Jinfo Subscription Where to begin when implementing automation in your workplace
Friday, 14th September 2018

Moving away from spreadsheets, emails and to-do lists can be difficult, but there are tried-and-tested tools available to help you manage subscriptions, project management and enquiries. A recent webinar discussed the challenges that automation can solve, surveyed the tools that can improve workflow, and presented the next steps towards making your centre more strategic.

Jinfo Subscription Q&A with TBRC - Global Market Model highlights business opportunities worldwide
Wednesday, 29th August 2018

TBRC claims its flagship product, Global Market Model, outshines its competitors with its high quality, consistent coverage of markets around the world across a host of industry sectors. Managing director Oliver Guirdham tells Jinfo's Sophie Alexander how TBRC compiles its data, how the Global Market Model can be used to provide business insight, and the company's plans for a new interactive tool.

Jinfo Subscription Q&A with Vable - current awareness that's content-agnostic
Friday, 24th August 2018

Vable is the provider of the InfoPro solution for current awareness and Vable Inbox to manage and redirect incoming newsletters, alerts and eJournals. Jinfo interviewed its topic specialist Clare Brown to find out more about the company's plans to introduce a managed service, increase its AI capabilities and get its platform adopted in industries beyond the legal sector.

Jinfo Blog Jinfo feedback - AI in information and knowledge centres
Thursday, 16th August 2018

Jinfo recently answered a customer query about implementation of AI in libraries and knowledge management areas. Here we present some of our most recent content in this area along with coverage of vendor strategies around AI.

Jinfo Blog Emerging needs of law firms revealed in Jinfo's research
Wednesday, 25th July 2018

After taking a break last year, Jinfo's "Research on UK legal purchasing preferences and needs" is back for 2018 and you won't want to miss it. In this, our eighth survey since we began in 2010, we reflect on the changes that digital and online sources and trends in automation are having on the industry.

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Reports by Sophie Alexander:

Jinfo Subscription Market landscape - company information
Wednesday, 2nd October 2019

In this Market Landscape report, Jinfo examines 13 products offered by some of the most respected providers of company information, providing outline descriptions of the products, links, and information on typical users, geographic scope, special features, and the value offered by each product....

Jinfo Subscription Company landscape - Lucidea
Monday, 9th September 2019

Lucidea is a leading global provider of knowledge management, collections management and library automation software, providing applications and business-process expertise that helps information-intensive organisations easily collect, organise, share, and use important knowledge assets. It serves...

Jinfo Subscription Market landscape - media monitoring
Wednesday, 28th August 2019

In this market landscape, we look at products from nine companies in the business intelligence and data visualisation field, updating our previous market landscape from 2017. They are: Agility PR Solutions Brandwatch Analytics Cision Communications Cloud Digimind Social...

Jinfo Subscription Market landscape - market research report providers
Thursday, 22nd August 2019

In this market landscape, we look at 10 market research report providers specialising in online market research for a wide variety of clients in a diverse range of industries. The reports help clients understand market demand patterns and the latest trends: Allied Market Research BIS...

Jinfo Subscription Market landscape - semantic intelligence and semantic search
Thursday, 25th July 2019

Semantic intelligence and semantic search is a complex space, and our list is not intended to be comprehensive but instead provides a comparison of some of the key services in this environment. In this market landscape we look at six products in the semantic intelligence space:...

Jinfo Subscription Market landscape - authentication solutions
Tuesday, 9th July 2019

In this market landscape we look at eight products in the field of authentication and access: AuthAnvil Gluu server IAM platform Okta IT OneLogin SSO OpenAthens PingFederate Shibboleth Identity Provider WSO2 Identity Server. We provide a brief description of...

Jinfo Subscription Company landscape - Clarivate Analytics
Friday, 14th June 2019

Clarivate Analytics is a global information and data company with products in the field of intellectual property and scientific information, predominantly for the scientific community in academic, industry and government. Its products are also valued by legal specialists. In 2019 Clarivate merged...

Jinfo Subscription Company landscape - Copyright Clearance Center's RightFind product suite
Friday, 7th June 2019

Company landscape - RightFind product suite Copyright Clearance Center and its subsidiaries RightsDirect and Ixxus has a range of products and tools in the arena of licensing, workflow, managing and accessing content, and managing copyright. Products are designed for academia, publishers...

Jinfo Subscription Market landscape - agribusiness
Friday, 26th April 2019

This report gives an overview of information vendors in the field of agriculture. It includes: Agribusiness Intelligence AGRIS CEIC Euromonitor Agriculture Global Market Model Gro API The Statistics Portal. We provide a brief description of each product and a...

Jinfo Subscription Market landscape - online learning providers
Thursday, 4th April 2019

In this market landscape we look at companies and courses offering online learning in three key areas: AI/data analytics/data science Presentation/communication skills Leadership and management. We look at courses from: Alison Coursera EDX Future Learn...

Jinfo Subscription Market landscape - IFIS food science and health databases
Wednesday, 6th March 2019

In this market landscape we look at two products from IFIS: FSTA : sources and research, relating to the sciences of food and health Escalex : database of international, national and regional food regulations. We provide a brief description of products, a link to the...

Jinfo Subscription Product review of TBRC's Global Market Model
Tuesday, 15th January 2019

Global Market Model by The Business Research Company is a market intelligence tool designed to help companies find new customers, understand competitors and analyse thousands of markets in 60 geographies around the world, including emerging markets. It serves large businesses with multiple...

Jinfo Subscription Market landscape - Aroq
Friday, 2nd November 2018

This report gives an overview of the four product groupings from Aroq, specialist in business information for consumer products, retail and auto industry: just-auto; plus QUBE database just-drinks just-food just-style; plus re:source apparel planning product. We provide a...

Jinfo Subscription Market landscape - CPA Global
Friday, 28th September 2018

This report gives an overview of the key intellectual property (IP) products and services from CPA Global, a world-leading IP management and technology company. Plus, there is a deeper dive into: Innography PatentIQ - a feature of Innography PortfolioIQ - a feature of Innography...

Jinfo Subscription Market landscape - business intelligence and data visualisation platforms
Monday, 20th August 2018

This report covers eight companies to watch in different areas of the data analytics field and updates our previous market landscape from 2016: Alteryx Birst Domo QlikView MicroStrategy Pentaho Tableau TIBCO. We provide a brief description of each company...

Jinfo Subscription Market landscape - Bureau van Dijk
Friday, 10th August 2018

This report gives an insight into Bureau van Dijk's large product set, offering solutions for areas including: Corporate credit risk Compliance and financial crime Tax and transfer pricing Business development and strategy Corporate finance and M&A Data management...

Jinfo Subscription Market landscape - patent products
Thursday, 2nd August 2018

This report covers 15 products offering patent information: ActionablePatents from Wisdomain Cipher from Aistemos CPA Global Discovery Derwent Innovation from Clarivate Analytics (Derwent Innovation was formerly Thomson Innovation) InnovationQ Plus from IEEE +

Jinfo Subscription Market landscape - enquiry management systems
Wednesday, 11th July 2018

This report covers seven of the leading enquiry management tools specifically designed for information services: BLUEcloud LSP from SirsiDynix Enquire from Bailey Solutions Liberty from Softlink LibLime Koha Quest RefTracker from Altarama Soutron LMS. The report...

Jinfo Subscription Market landscape - Clarivate Analytics
Friday, 22nd June 2018

In this market landscape we look at nine products from Clarivate Analytics as well as an overview of their entire range of products, including an index citation database, a reference management system, and patent searching and protection. We present an overview of their entire product range plus...

Jinfo Subscription Market landscape - managing subscriptions
Friday, 25th May 2018

In this market landscape we look at 10 products for managing subscriptions, licensing, acquisitions and data: 360 Resource Manager from ProQuest Alma from Ex Libris BLUEcloud Acquisitions from SirsiDynix CORAL cSubs Subscriptions EBSCONET Subscription Management FITS...

Jinfo Subscription Market landscape - outsourcing services
Monday, 5th March 2018

In this market landscape we look at seven products in the outsourcing field for information centres: Evalueserve HBR Consulting Information Matters (Tribal Group) Integreon Library Outsourcing Library Systems Services (LS&S) LibSource (LAC Group). We provide a...

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