Michael Levy

Michael R. Levy is the principal of GZ Consulting, a market research and competitive intelligence consulting firm based in Massachusetts. Michael founded the firm in February 2012 after leaving Infogroup where he was the Manager of Strategy and Competitive Intelligence. He focuses on information services including sales intelligence, CRM, data hygiene, and marketing automation. Michael is also the author of "2015 Field Guide to Sales Intelligence Vendors". He can be contacted at MLevy@GZConsulting.org

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Articles by Michael Levy:

Jinfo Subscription Q&A with Emissary - the importance of tacit knowledge
Thursday, 11th May 2017

Emissary, a new entrant to the sales intelligence space, matches recently departed high-level executives with account executives to assist in account planning. Michael Levy recently spoke to its CEO and founder, David Hammer, to discuss his thinking behind the creation of the company, the importance of tacit knowledge and the role of his "emissaries".

Jinfo Subscription Mini Review of CB Insights for Sales
Monday, 23rd May 2016

CB Insights for Sales is designed for strategic sales teams that target fast growth companies. The firm collects company profiles, M&A activity, and funding intelligence. They also maintain profiles of investors in high-growth companies. Michael Levy explores why this could make good complement to traditional sales intelligence solutions.

Jinfo Subscription Q&A with Avention - An update on DataVision
Thursday, 5th May 2016

Avention recently launched DataVision, their first product designed specifically for marketers. Michael Levy interviews Avention's Lauren Bakewell to find out more about the new product and why they've extended from sales intelligence and business research tools into marketing technology, her views on account-based marketing, and what developments are in the pipeline.

Jinfo Subscription Detecting Latent Sales Opportunities via Sales Triggers
Tuesday, 24th November 2015

Competitive and sales intelligence expert Michael Levy highlights how using subscription information services coupled with information from social media and other sources is essential to allow sales reps to identify companies in flux and with emerging demand. He identifies how vendors such as Avention, BvD Mint, Hoover's, InsideView, and Owler help identify emerging opportunities and prospects.

Jinfo Blog Owler - A Successful Pivot
Tuesday, 7th October 2014

Michael Levy reflects on Owler, a free company profiling resource from Jigsaw and InfoArmy founder Jim Fowler, launched earlier in 2014.

Jinfo Subscription Mini Review of Owler
Friday, 3rd October 2014

Reviewer Michael Levy explores Owler, a free company profile resource from Jigsaw founder Jim Fowler. Based on a curated crowdsourced model, Owler offers company data plus news and social media information organised around key events.  

Jinfo Blog RelSci: Relationship Discovery & Much More
Wednesday, 7th May 2014

Michael Levy highlights the key attributes of RelSci, relationship capital management and discovery tool for users such as fund raisers, wealth managers and other business professionals.

Jinfo Subscription Product Review of RelSci: Value, Competitors, Development & Pricing
Friday, 2nd May 2014

In the final part of his review of RelSci, Michael Levy explains why professional services "rain makers" and business development professionals that focus on the top echelon of Corporate America will find it of significant value. He also covers the competitor landscape, product maturity and areas for development in this relationship discovery tool.

Jinfo Subscription Product Review of RelSci: Technology Part 2 - User Interface; Integration; Mobile Access; Help
Monday, 28th April 2014

In the fourth part of his review, Michael Levy gives his view of the user interface of business intelligence database RelSci, takes a look at the CRM integration with Salesforce, explores the apps for iPhone and iPad, and puts customer support to the test.

Jinfo Subscription Product Review of RelSci: Technology Part 1 - Search
Friday, 25th April 2014

In the third part of his review, Michael Levy investigates the rich search and alerting options available in RelSci, the relationship capital tool. Options range from identifying connections between you and executives & organisations, to specific searches for donors or investors, trip planning, due diligence and more.

Jinfo Subscription Product Review of RelSci: Sources, Content and Coverage
Tuesday, 22nd April 2014

In the second part of our review of RelSci, Michael Levy examines the detail of the executive & company profiles and personal & public relationship data. Deep financial transaction data is also included, offering information including M&A and venture capital financing. He explains why RelSci should be viewed as a strong complement to traditional company research services.

Jinfo Subscription Product Review of RelSci: Introduction and Contact Details
Thursday, 17th April 2014

Michael Levy introduces Relationship Science (RelSci) in the first part of his review of this business intelligence database which mixes "who you know" with who the "movers and shakers" know. Over 3 million executives and 1 million organisations are included in this resource aimed at investors, wealth managers, fund raisers and consultants.

Jinfo Subscription Sales Intelligence Services Power CRM Insights: Social Media, Lists, Industry Snapshots & Conclusion
Friday, 26th July 2013

In the final part of his article on the integration of sales intelligence products with Customer Relationship Management systems, Michael Levy investigates how the six sales intelligence products work with social media, lists and industry snapshots. He also presents the strengths and weaknesses of each of the SI products: D&B360, Data.com, InsideView, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, OneSource iSell and ZoomInfo, and provides contact information for each. 

Jinfo Subscription Sales Intelligence Services Power CRM Insights: Sales Triggers, Profiles & Connections
Thursday, 25th July 2013

Continuing his look at the integration of sales intelligence products with Customer Relationship Management systems, Michael Levy takes a closer look at how six sales intelligence products work with five CRM systems: Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, Oracle On Demand, SAP and SFDC. In this article he focuses on the sales triggers and alerts, executive profiles and connection possibilities.

Jinfo Subscription Sales Intelligence Services Power CRM Insights: A Survey of Six Vendors
Tuesday, 23rd July 2013

Over the past several years, sales intelligence products have extended from the desktop into Customer Relationship Management systems. As CRM applications, they deliver prospect insight to sales reps, enhance data quality, and reduce time spent entering data and performing basic research steps. This article introduces the CRM integrations of six vendors: D&B360, Data.com (SFDC), InsideView, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, OneSource iSell, and ZoomInfo.

Jinfo Blog Sales Intelligence Services Power CRM Insights: Introduction
Monday, 22nd July 2013

Following his articles on sales intelligence and Sales 2.0, Michael Levy turns his attention to the benefits of integrating sales intelligence services with customer relationship management tools. This article forms the first of four looking at six key sales intelligence vendors: D&B360, Data.com, InsideView, LinkedIn, iSell and ZoomInfo.

Jinfo Blog Arm Yourself with Sales 2.0 Intelligence Tools
Friday, 21st June 2013

Sales intelligence services have evolved rapidly over the past few years. Traditional sales tools were general business information databases that supported list building, but they have matured into powerful information services with richer workflow functionality around companies, executives, and industries. The leading Sales 2.0 services support workflow integration into CRMs and help sales reps target who to call, when to call, and what to say.

Jinfo Subscription Sales Intelligence Comes of Age with Sales 2.0
Thursday, 20th June 2013

Sales tools have moved from simple spreadsheets or discrete information sets to single-view, cross-platform workflow solutions. Michael Levy explores the evolution and the technologies behind the move, such as the use of multiple independent taxonomies, semantic tagging, predictive analytics and social media. He highlights some of the key sales intelligence products such as D&B360, InsideView and OneSource iSell.


Reports by Michael Levy:

Jinfo Subscription FreePint Report: Product Review of RelSci
Tuesday, 6th May 2014

Business intelligence database RelSci focuses on "relationship science" to map who you know with who the movers and shakers know... Michael Levy's in-depth review explains what makes it a feature-rich offering with a strong core of content and functionality - and why it is a robust relationship...