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Shimrit Janes is director of knowledge for Digital Workplace Group, as well as an independent researcher and consultant specialising the digital workplace and knowledge management. She's particularly interested in enabling knowledge sharing and collaboration through the digital workplace, as well as the areas of organisational readiness and culture. Find Shimrit on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Articles by Shimrit Janes:

Jinfo Subscription Where Does Information Services Sit in Your Organisation? And Why Does it Matter?
Thursday, 25th February 2016

Information professionals' placement and structure within their organisations can vary wildly from organisation to organisation, and even from year to year. There are a number of pros and cons inherent to every setup, and being able to identify what those are is a good first step to making the most of your own unique configuration. We report from a recent Jinfo Community session "Make the Most of Your Organisation's Reporting Structure".

Jinfo Subscription The Role of Research in Realigning Your Relationship With IT
Tuesday, 23rd February 2016

The relationship between information services and information technology departments can often be fraught, with seemingly competing objectives and approaches. This doesn’t need to be the case, however, as the two can collaborate to complement each other's unique skillset. A recent Jinfo Community session took a look at how to move towards greater alignment between these two siblings.

Jinfo Subscription Analysing the Market Landscape for People Information - Introduction
Friday, 18th December 2015

The market for "people information" is diverse, ranging from premium databases to free or freemium services. Choosing which solution to rely on involves a set of complex decisions and considerable internal and external research into use-cases and vendors. Shimrit Janes looks at seven different vendors which have specialist "people information" offers: Avention/OneSource, Boardroom Insiders, Factiva, Leadership Directories, LinkedIn, Nexis, and ZoomInfo.

Jinfo Blog Surveys Reveal Concerns about Reliability of and Access to Information
Wednesday, 25th November 2015

As we get to the half-way point in our "News, and Other Commodities" Topic Series, Shimrit Janes pauses to reflect on the findings of FreePint's recent research and surveys into private company information and web usage policies, and takes a look at what else is still to come.

Jinfo Subscription Q&A with Tallyfy - Innovations in Information Delivery
Monday, 30th March 2015

FreePint interviews Amit Kothari, founder and managing director of Tallyfy, a new tool to enable managers to easily share processes. Shimrit Janes asks for Amit's views on the challenges of making information more visible and he shares his concept of the three key strands of visibility: internal visibility of information, external visibility of information, and many-to-one visibility. He also gives his opinion on big data and why he feels the ultimate judge of new tools and technologies should be the people in the company who deliver revenue and value.

Jinfo Blog Breadth and Depth of Insight into Current Awareness and Research
Thursday, 18th December 2014

We kick off the final month of 2014 and of our FreePint Topic Series: News, and Beyond with both breadth and depth of insight into current awareness and research trends. Co-producer Shimrit Janes takes a look at what's recently been published, and what is yet to come.

Jinfo Subscription Q&A with Attensa - Tackling Critical Current Awareness Challenges
Friday, 28th November 2014

Shimrit Janes interviews Charlie Davidson, CEO of Attensa, to find out more about how their current awareness platform helps their customers, how he sees the field of current awareness evolving, and what Attensa is doing to respond to those changes.

Jinfo Subscription Q&A with Linex - Comprehensive Current Awareness Cover
Wednesday, 26th November 2014

FreePint's Shimrit Janes interviews Fiona Fogden, head of customer relations at Linex Systems, to find out how trends in current awareness are morphing and how the Linex platform meets the ever-changing news needs of busy professionals.

Jinfo Subscription Has "Current Awareness" Become a Bloated Term?
Tuesday, 11th November 2014

Driven by broken economies, a burgeoning technology marketplace, and a bloated definition of current awareness, information professionals are increasingly struggling when it comes to meeting their internal clients' needs to track news developments. In this piece, Shimrit Janes explores to what extent the original understanding of "current awareness" holds up under scrutiny, and what challenges information teams are facing as a result.

Jinfo Blog Shaking Up the World of News
Tuesday, 11th November 2014

The FreePint Topic Series: News, and Beyond was conceived in response to some real challenges that FreePint's clients are facing when it comes to looking at their needs around news awareness and research, including having to increasingly treat these to areas as distinct from each other. As we approach the halfway mark of the series, co-producer Shimrit Janes pulls out some key themes are are emerging, and gives a taste of what's to come.

Jinfo Blog From "Telling" to "Consulting" - The Changing Role of Information Professionals
Friday, 18th July 2014

By now, we are all no doubt familiar with the concept of the "changing role of information professionals", and all that this entails. What are the skills and characteristics needed to survive this transition? As internal clients become more savvy about accessing different types of information, there is an opportunity for information professionals. This is to harness their deep expertise, and become consultants to those who now have the tools in their hands, but not necessarily the knowledge about how to use them.

Jinfo Subscription Useful Consultancy Skills for Information Professionals
Thursday, 17th July 2014

As the role of information professionals changes, there is an opportunity to borrow tools and skills from the playbook of consultancy in order to lay the foundation for a sustainable future. But what are the most important skills for those seeking to develop their consultancy competencies? Focusing on expertise, communication, problem-solving, project management and influencing skills are probably as good a place to start as any. 

Jinfo Blog What Do We Mean When We Talk about Value?
Friday, 6th June 2014

The concept of Return on Investment (ROI) is a loaded one, that many information professionals dread. How can you demonstrate a tangible financial benefit for those products and services that you purchase on behalf of your organisation? Luckily, there is a way of broadening out the conversation into a wider one about value and what it means to your stakeholders. An in-person FreePint Community of Practice gathered in London in May to share their experiences, and learn that they are not alone in their challenges.

Jinfo Subscription Four Components of "Value" Essential for Meaningful Conversations with Stakeholders
Wednesday, 4th June 2014

Having a meaningful conversation about what value is requires a strong foundation of understanding your stakeholders, their objectives, and being able to define precisely what is meant by "value" in different contexts. Based on a FreePint Community of Practice on Determining, Discussing, and Measuring Value, there are a number of practical key tips and lessons for information professionals to take away and put into practice within their own organisations.

Jinfo Blog My Favourite Tipples from a Social Media and KM Specialist
Wednesday, 4th June 2014

My Favourite Tipples are shared by Shimrit Janes, freelance researcher, writer and consultant specialising in the use of social media tools for knowledge sharing. She shares her favourite resources and network of thought-leaders and practitioners.

Jinfo Subscription Q&A with Fuse: Video in Social Learning
Monday, 10th March 2014

Shimrit Janes interviews Steve Dineen, CEO of Fuse and finds out how the company helps build blended learning solutions through video and how video helps to capture informal knowledge residing in people's heads and to share it openly. Steve also covers future developments in use of mobile apps and GPS-enabled content and the role of video in social learning.

Jinfo Blog Embedding Collaborative Thinking in Everyday Processes
Monday, 3rd March 2014

The FreePint Topic Series: The Social Enterprise now moves its focus to gamification in the enterprise, embedding "social" in the process, and how to use SharePoint 2013 more effectively. Shimrit Janes highlights recent and upcoming content in the series.

Jinfo Blog Enterprises: Avoid Hype When Going Social
Friday, 14th February 2014

FreePint's Topic Series: The Social Enterprise is in full swing with articles on SharePoint and its alternatives such as Huddle, Confluence and open source WordPress published this week. Capco's collaborative platform "CapInTouch" is also under the spotlight in a case study with takeaways for others considering a bespoke solution. Stick to what's meaningful for your business and avoid the hype, advises Shimrit Janes in her editorial.

Jinfo Blog The Road to the Effective Social Enterprise
Thursday, 30th January 2014

The path to achieving an effective social enterprise can be rocky, explains Shimrit Janes, co-producer of the FreePint Topic Series: The Social Enterprise. The series includes a host of articles to help reach success through measures such as best practice for social media, effective governance, clear ownership and a defined case for business use of social tools.

Jinfo Blog FreePint Launches New Series: The Social Enterprise
Tuesday, 14th January 2014

Shimrit Janes, one of the series producers for FreePint's new Topic Series: The Social Enterprise, describes how the social economy is becoming increasingly important to organisations and how introducing social functionality can help to achieve gains in areas such as improved internal communication and greater collaborative working. The series will help readers to build a business case, encourage usage and measure effectiveness.

Jinfo Blog Taking a Step Back From News Aggregation Tools: What is Current Awareness?
Tuesday, 8th October 2013

There is a well-known quote from Clay Shirky, in which he suggests, "A revolution doesn’t happen when society adopts new tools, it happens when society adopts new behaviours." Law firm RPC's approach to using news aggregation tools is rooted in this thinking. After selecting and rolling out Attensa as part of its knowledge management programme, the team has turned to helping lawyers think through which sources support their objectives, and what they need to do once articles arrive in the application.

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