Steve Bynghall

Steve Bynghall is a freelance consultant, researcher and writer, specialising in knowledge management, intranet, social business and collaboration solutions. He has authored or co-authored books and reports on many topics including intranets, enterprise mobility, SharePoint and crowdsourcing.

Following an MSc in Information Science from City University, Steve worked at accounting firm BDO LLP for over 13 years, working in various knowledge roles. In late 2010 he set up Two Hives Ltd. Steve works extensively for the Digital Workplace Group and Step Two Designs. He blogs at and can be followed on Twitter at @bynghall.

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Articles by Steve Bynghall:

Jinfo Subscription How Working With IT Has Evolved
Thursday, 31st March 2016

Many of us have experienced the occasional challenge when working with IT. However, this article argues that although there will inevitably be issues when you work together on projects, over the years working with IT has evolved for the better. From personal experience of working with different IT professionals over 20 years, working with IT has become easier and more productive.

Jinfo Subscription Who's Leading the Digital Workplace? Further Views From Thought Leaders
Wednesday, 9th March 2016

How do digital workplace luminaries see the concept developing, how will it impact on departmental relationships with IT, and who should be leading the digital workplace? As part of Jinfo's current Research Focus, "Strategic Alignment of IS and IT", Steve Bynghall interviewed two experts who work globally: digital strategy adviser Jane McConnell and intranet strategy and design expert James Robertson.

Jinfo Subscription What Does the Digital Workplace Mean for Working With IT? Views From Thought Leaders
Tuesday, 8th March 2016

The digital workplace is a concept which is gaining ground and which stresses taking a more holistic approach to an employee's experience of workplace technology. This could emerge as a common goal which will enable a closer partnership with IT. We interviewed digital workplace thought leaders Elizabeth Marsh and Sam Marshall for their views.

Jinfo Subscription A More Structured Way of Working with IT
Tuesday, 1st March 2016

Working with IT in an ad hoc way can lead to misunderstandings, but taking a more structured approach can lead to a better working partnership. Steve Bynghall examines some of the more structured ways to work with the IT department, including meetings, away days, projects, governance committees and support communities.

Jinfo Blog Digital Workplace - Providing a New Impetus for Working With IT?
Friday, 26th February 2016

Co-producer Steve Bynghall considers how the digital workplace can lead to increased importance of a better working relationship with the IT department and flags up recently-published and upcoming resources from expert contributors to Jinfo's current Research Focus, "Strategic Alignment of Information Services and IT".

Jinfo Blog Think Differently When Talking to IT Colleagues
Friday, 29th January 2016

FreePint's current Research Focus is the "Strategic Alignment of Information Services and IT". Co-producer Steve Bynghall reflects on recently-published articles and considers whether we really can build better relationships with our colleagues in the IT department.

Jinfo Blog Encouraging Curation and Sharing to Facilitate Discovery
Wednesday, 1st April 2015

Helping users to find information which they didn't know existed is undoubtedly a challenge. Steve Bynghall identifies some of the key tactics which can be used to help make discovery more of a "push" activity and some steps central teams can take to encourage changes in user behaviour.

Jinfo Subscription Facilitating Discovery and Delivering Awareness for Users
Monday, 30th March 2015

Delivering content to users which is of value to them but they did not necessarily know exists is likely to become more advanced in the near future due to the launch of "intelligent" algorithm-driven products like Delve in Office 365. However, Steve Bynghall explains, there are still a number of other options for organisations which aid this type of discovery. These including using activity streams, designing digital channels which bring different sources of information together, designing good search interfaces and encouraging curation and knowledge-sharing behaviours.

Jinfo Blog Can You Use Training to Improve Discovery in the Enterprise?
Thursday, 26th March 2015

As Steve Bynghall explains, discovery in the enterprise is challenging. While technology is important, a holistic approach is important. This includes training and providing learning resources for users. Targeting users who have specialist information needs can have value, as can encouraging content owners to make their content more discoverable through good practices.

Jinfo Subscription Putting Users at the Centre of Discovery
Wednesday, 25th March 2015

In the enterprise employees want to be able to find information and items they know or think already exists quickly and easily. Understanding user behaviour and their expectations of discovery is the key to making improvements on an ongoing basis. At the base of this is good information management. Technology is also very important but it is only part of the equation.

Steve Bynghall explains how information professionals should take a holistic approach to managing discovery which encompasses different activities including using data to make continual improvements, reducing the amount of content to be searched upon, training users and content owners and also focusing on key areas of structured knowledge.

Jinfo Blog Making Current Awareness Part of Digital Literacy
Wednesday, 19th November 2014

Current awareness is increasingly in the hands of the end user. Information professionals are ideally placed to train users in best practices, covering all the different options available to users. As Steve Bynghall explains, one option is to make this a component of digital literacy programmes.

Jinfo Subscription Is Current Awareness Now About Personal Knowledge Management?
Monday, 17th November 2014

Technology and social media has empowered the user to take control of their own current awareness so it is much more of a personal activity. However, to a certain degree it has actually always been the responsibility of the individual. Given this, should information professionals focus their efforts on training users how to do current awareness more effectively rather than providing tools and content which they may not use?

Jinfo Blog Should You Put External News on the Intranet Homepage?
Wednesday, 29th October 2014

Placing an external news feed on your intranet homepage is an option as long as it provides value to your users. Steve Bynghall explains three reasons to put news on the homepage.

Jinfo Subscription Approaches to Delivering External News on the Corporate Intranet
Tuesday, 28th October 2014

When considering how to disseminate premium or free external news via the corporate intranet, focus on adding value to the user. This can be done in a variety of ways, including adding external news to the homepage to balance internal news, allowing users to interact with the content and delivering targeted content to different groups of users.  Steve Bynghall discusses how, when considering using the "intranet" to deliver external news, you should also include related channels such as social networks and learning management systems.

Jinfo Blog Keeping an Open Mind on Gamification
Monday, 3rd March 2014

Gamification is, perhaps, the buzzword de jour, and for some this is off-putting. However it is worth trying to consider its potential by getting gamification into perspective. It is a design tactic which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't, depending on what it is being used for and the specifics of the design.

Jinfo Subscription Is Gamification Right for My Organisation?
Thursday, 27th February 2014

Gamification - the use of gaming design in non-game contexts - is currently popular, but many do not consider it right for their organisation. This is partly due to perceptions of "hype" and concerns over fit with company culture. However gamification is actually used in many different companies, across many different instances. Steve Bynghall explains why it is worth keeping an open mind, and considering what it can be used for and for which sections of the workforce.

Jinfo Blog Making Social Succeed: Advocates to Encourage Use
Friday, 31st January 2014

To help in the adoption and success of social tools in the enterprise, under-resourced central teams often need to rely on networks of advocates to help in change management and support efforts. These advocate networks can range from communities of early adopters to super-users. Steve Bynghall shares best practice in targeting the right sort of individuals, engaging and nurturing these communities.

Jinfo Subscription Making Social Succeed: What Organisations Need To Do
Thursday, 30th January 2014

To make it more likely for social tools to succeed in the enterprise there are several measures which organisations can take to encourage adoption and underpin use. Steve Bynghall explains moves which organisations can make to help social succeed either for a new launch, or a programme that has lost direction, and provides useful next steps.

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