Marc Vollenweider

Marc Vollenweider is the chief strategist and co-founder of Evalueserve and author of Mind+Machine - A Decision Model for Optimizing and Implementing Analytics (Wiley, Nov 2016). As a former partner at McKinsey & Company in Zurich and India, Marc developed a deep interest in the world of data analytics, particularly how human minds and smart machines can successfully complement each other. He saw the potential for companies to enhance productivity, shorten their time-to-market, improve quality, and gain new capabilities by leveraging mind+machine. Marc's fascination with innovation has led to the establishment of a series of internal ventures at Evalueserve. He is the co-inventor of the digital model of InsightBee, Evalueserve's new Pay As You Go research and analytics solution. He can be found on LinkedIn.

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Articles by Marc Vollenweider:

Jinfo Subscription The emerging role of the information engineer
Wednesday, 8th February 2017

The information world is changing dramatically, and with it the job of information professionals. Data analytics and the mind+machine model are leading to a new world where millions of analytics use-cases need to be designed and implemented each year. While the emerging role of the information engineer represents a huge opportunity for industry professionals globally, it also necessitates a significant upgrade of their skills to remain competitive in today's market.

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