Content Purchasing
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Evaluating, negotiating and contracting to bring content and data into your organisation requires an ever-evolving set of skills and knowledge.

Jinfo supports the full range of requirements for planning, managing and communicating content purchasing strategy:

  • Marketplace awareness
  • Needs assessment
  • Research
  • Comparison & selection
  • Evaluation
  • Contract management.

Whether you:

  • Sit within a formal procurement team
  • Work with and through procurement
  • Or manage contracts and vendors within your own department

... our practical assistance, approach and proprietary resources will:

  • Improve dialogue with users and stakeholders
  • Streamline your research on suppliers and alternatives
  • And identify emerging challenges in content purchasing that may change how you want to do business.
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Jinfo's latest research-based insights to support content purchasing strategy and decision-making, on the Blog:

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Join a quarterly confidential discussion of professionals responsible for content purchasing:

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Learn how Jinfo helped a consulting customer upgrade their content strategy and streamline their processes.

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"The firm wanted a solution that would be sustainable beyond the tenure of any specific member of staff and advance strategy regardless of the individual in the chair."

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Robin Neidorf, Head of ConsultingOur proven processes, resources and guidance will help your team make the shift from transaction centre to strategic asset.

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