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"Jinfo's Subscription content gets me to new and effective approaches faster, gives me a fresh perspective and moves me along on our research - I can quickly get to a point where I can make a recommendation and move on."

Head of information, finance sector

April 2020

"...always extremely prepared for meetings with detailed notes and a clear understanding of our goals and the path of how to get there. Jinfo can provide value to many."

Senior director of research and knowledge, specialist consulting firm

April 2020

"We used Jinfo's maturity model for self-assessment and planning. This model provided a framework to think more clearly and critically about the future and communicate our services to others in order to receive more support. The resulting plans were very well received and understood by our stakeholders."

Lead, information and knowledge management, global agribusiness

March 2020

"Our aim is to develop a roadmap that will allow us to forge our own path that aligns with the company, but does not flux in reaction to every change. Creating a strategic plan has been on our agenda for a couple of years; it was Jinfo's structure and the accountability of deadlines that finally moved us forward."

Director of information science and business intelligence, pharmaceutical industry

March 2020

'We find so much value from the Jinfo Subscription and have realised great ROI. We learn a lot from the reports and Community sessions - which are a great opportunity to make network and make connections."

Head of knowledge and insights, global consultancy

February 2020

Jinfo helped us put together the "Comintelli Content Assessment eWorkbook". Our customers put a lot of thought into selecting the right, relevant content for their Intelligence system and the eWorkbook guides them through that process. Jinfo's extensive experience and knowledge shines through and the eWorkbook has been very well received by our customers."

Jesper Martell, CEO Comintelli

February 2020

"Working with our Jinfo analyst has been invaluable. She is a safe person to discuss issues with and gives specific, objective advice. It is like having an extra person on the team!"

Manager of information service, consumer goods

January 2020

"The product reviews are especially helpful when it comes to reviewing what we should be licensing or continue to license for our customers. But I also like the suggestions of which tools to use for which purpose, such as measuring what we do - this is definitely something we must start looking into."

Barbara Reissland, owner, Library Consult

January 2020

"My background isn't in the information field, so when I first took over responsibility for my organisation's information centre last year, Jinfo was a great asset in getting familiar with best practices and advice. I read a lot of helpful Jinfo content in the early months of work, and again as I worked on developing our new information strategy."

Director, global insights, international standards organisation

December 2019

"Invariably the Jinfo Community Sessions and webinars are informative, practical, thought-provoking and interesting. I also really like that you cross continents in your experts and attendees."

Sean DeNora, manager, Research & Insights, PwC

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