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"I often share content from Jinfo with my colleagues. We use content items in our team meetings to discuss very practical ideas and how we can embed these in our own work and strategic thinking."

Barbara Reissland, owner, Library Consult

August 2019

"I've had a Jinfo Subscription for about a year and I use the reports and articles to support my work and when creating roadmaps for my team."

Researcher, manufacturing sector

July 2019

"During a busy period of new sales growth, Jinfo Consulting provided critical capabilities and capacity to supplement our team. They worked directly with our project manager and other suppliers to feed the sales process with qualified leads, provide practical feedback on sales collateral, and contribute input on competitive position and other factors."

Leigh Walters, Chief Revenue Officer, TRG Screen

July 2019

"I've been making a conscious effort to use Jinfo more for strategic challenges. Previously there were occasions when I didn't know where to start. Now if I have a challenge I start with research in Jinfo's Subscription content."

Head of information, finance sector

June 2019

"Strategic planning can be an overwhelming process. Jinfo's step-by-step approach managed the amount of information we got during each working session and meeting, so that we had just the right amount to keep making progress. Our lead analyst, Robin Neidorf, has a real skill for working with people, getting the team onboard and engaged even through remote working. And, as a project manager, Robin knows that plans don't always go smoothly. She had the ability to stay the course even through inevitable interruptions."

Director of information science and business intelligence, pharmaceutical industry

June 2019

"As always the Community session was very thought-provoking."

Sean Denora, information manager, PwC Canada

May 2019

"I have attended several webinars and also find the product reviews helpful. The market landscapes giving an overview of products serving a use-case are also useful, for example, a colleague accessed a recent report on research tracking software."

Teresa G Powell, Manager, IDS Research Library,
Integrated Defense Systems,
Raytheon Company

May 2019

"Jinfo is a really useful place to go, it has some great content."

Librarian, law firm

April 2019

"Jinfo's communication training helped us better convey our value to our strategy staff. We've since used various channels to make our training programmes and resources more visible to our staff and they now recognise that our skills are integral to secondary research and a more strategic reorganisation was made to provide that focus."

Geeta Tirumalai, MLS, USP (United States Pharmacoepia)

April 2019

"The Jinfo Webinars and Community sessions in particular are helpful, as the topics are always on point and it is good to be able to connect with a network of peers hearing about challenges and best practice from others in the field."

Katy Watt, senior manager - Information & Library Services, Wood Mackenzie

March 2019

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