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"The Research Focus 'The information team with the right stuff' validates much of our thinking, while bringing up points that we can address going forwards."

Manager of a research and information centre, business development bank

August 2018

"It's hard to get people all in the same room together or to attend conferences but I can fit the focused Jinfo Community sessions into my calendar, and it's very valuable to have the slides delivered after with the comprehensive notes."

Information centre head, financial industry

July 2018

"I particularly enjoy the Jinfo webinars. A lot of useful and practical insights are provided in return for a small time commitment which is very convenient when time is in such short supply."

Mandy Webster, library and information services manager at law firm Browne Jacobson


July 2018

"I find Jinfo's content very motivational and I like the way they shed light on the latest issues and challenges facing us as information professionals."

Head of business information services, financial industry

June 2018

 "I appreciate that you can see straight through to the issues that are likely to be the biggest challenges for us.  Also appreciate the validation about our approach to this and my thoughts about possible outcomes."

Data librarian, financial industry

June 2018

"Jinfo product reviews help us go into a negotiation with a vendor with more information, an understanding of the industry and help to eliminate steps in the sales process."

Head of information centre, financial services company

May 2018

 "We're pleased with the whole Jinfo offering, in particular the Community sessions are great for ROI and strategic thinking."

Research library manager, global biotech organisation

May 2018

 "Jinfo insights on resources enable us to identify best-in-class sources of information that give our end-users competitive advantage to win business."

Information centre head, financial services

April 2018

"I look forward to being a part of the Jinfo community through a Subscription at long last...I have been an avid reader for many years! I have watched several of the webinars already and find then to be very insightful."

Information resources manager, leading international law firm

April 2018

"Jinfo helps me to think outside the box and increases my awareness of the current trends in the industry"

Nancy Snell - Research Lead, North Highland

March 2018

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