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"I find Jinfo helpful in generating ideas and tracking new products and approaches."

Information specialist, business support agency

February 2019

"It is easy to find vendor product details but sometimes difficult to find independent reviews of information products. Jinfo product reviews are inspirational for that reason."

Erik Sonne, Academic Librarian, Copenhagen Business School

January 2019

"Without the help of Jinfo Consulting, the process of exploring new markets would have taken longer, cost more, or simply not gotten done. With their help, we were able to make measurable progress on new sales in important new markets."

Leigh Walters, Chief Revenue Officer, TRG Screen

January 2019

"The Jinfo product reviews provide a good mix of industry, business and legal coverage."

Senior librarian, legal sector

December 2018

"The models and materials presented in today's Community session will be incredibly useful for us - I'm going to look at us doing this mapping internally, in line with the Jinfo model for current awareness."

Izzie Finlayson, Senior Specialist, Wood Mackenzie Ltd

December 2018

"My favourite Jinfo articles are those in which people talk about how organisational trends affect the way they work. Nothing beats hearing about how different ways of working actually feel on a daily basis."

Katharine Schopflin - knowledge and information manager, public sector

November 2018

"One of the results of our recent communication training with Jinfo is that I was able to convince our strategy staff that knowledge management is needed at our organisation."

Geeta Tirumalai, MLS, USP (United States Pharmacoepia)

November 2018

"On technology developments, it is useful that Jinfo highlights various providers which helps us in identifying and evaluating them."

Research and information centre manager, business development bank

October 2018

"Jinfo Consulting was a valued partner and adviser to us as we explored new markets. They understand the needs, pain points and vocabulary of the information professionals who make and influence decisions for our customers and prospects, and they helped us "translate" our features and benefits to the needs of these audiences."

Leigh Walters, Chief Revenue Officer, TRG Screen

October 2018

"The webinar slide decks with notes are an invaluable refresher tool to highlight key areas to discuss at team meetings or investigate further."

Mandy Webster, library and information services manager at law firm Browne Jacobson

September 2018

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