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By Africa S. Hands

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As information professionals we're sharing a wide range of articles and resources on Twitter. Here's a bit of what FUMSI editors shared this week.


The contributing editors of FUMSI have varied interests and backgrounds and as information professionals we're sharing a wide range of articles and resources on Twitter.

Here's a bit of what FUMSI editors shared this week:

At Econsultancy, Stefan Tornquist highlights a report exploring the use of naming as a way to increase loyalty among digital group members: “Using Native American tribal characteristics to examine this concept reveals a substantial framework for building stronger, more fulfilling and highly committed online communities”.

Alexis Madrigal at the Atlantic reminds us how to cite a tweet in an academic paper. See the article for original formatting. Last Name, First Name (User Name), "the tweet in its entirety," Date, Time, Tweet.

Theresa Cramer summarises a recent report on breaking news coverage that compares Bing and Google, and provides tips for driving organic search traffic: “Well, there was a clear difference in the way both engines served up results for breaking news. They both introduced additional results to the usual organic results, which changed the way both search engines rendered the SERP and consequently the position of the organic results on the SERP”.

Jussi on SharePoint offers up Five reasons why Sharepoint is like rock climbing: “Similar to route reading, reading the upcoming SharePoint implementation is a crucial skill. How much development are we anticipating, if any? What’s our take on using SharePoint Designer for customisation? What are the strengths and weaknesses of our team? Do we need to camp out for the night at the office or do we get to go home for the weekend?”

Wondering why users cannot find the content they want on the intranet? According to Alexis Rodrigo at Business 2 Community: “The answers pointed to factors in the intranet technology and design, users’ attitudes and practices, and choices made by those who manage it”.

Lastly, a bit of humour: Don’t mess with froggy.

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