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By Sophie Alexander


Sophie Alexander reviews D&B360 and finds it an easy-to-use and intuitive sales intelligence tool that provides a current, accurate and well rounded view of companies, contacts and prospects. By providing access to the world's largest platform for real-time Dun & Bradstreet data it can be used to clean, maintain and add value to your existing CRM data.


Surveys show that most CRM solutions do not meet their objectives and have data that is incomplete, inaccurate or duplicated. Data quality is a critical success factor in business. In a constantly evolving world of business data, D&B360 connects users to a vetted and verified data stream aggregated from thousands of reliable sources which seamlessly integrates with your existing CRM workflow. Through Dun & Bradstreet’s DUNS Number® and patented DUNSRight™ process, D&B360 enriches and adds context to your existing data, detects errors on an ongoing basis and is automatically updated in real time.

D&B360 supplements your data with insight on more than 220 million businesses and 100 million contacts. Content is drawn from over 30,000 sources including government registries, news and direct investigations, as well as social media sites and news network sites, and its database is updated over one and a half million times a day.

Whilst used predominantly by professionals working in a sales and marketing environment, it can benefit any business where customer attraction, retention and management are vital.

The quality and depth of Dun &Bradstreet’s business data is most evident in the detailed company and industry reports which are prepared by D&B’s in-house editorial team. With access to over 900 industry profiles, the data is very comprehensive and highlights specific business challenges and opportunities. This gives you a deeper insight into your customer’s needs by knowing what’s likely to resonate with them.

Pinpointing the Best Prospects

A couple of really useful features worth mentioning are the Build-A-List and Look-A-Like tools which allow you to pinpoint your best new prospects. By selecting from more than 40 different criteria in Build-A-List you can tailor your search for prospects that more closely fit your particular industry, revenue, size, etc.  You can also clone your best customers using the Look-A-Like feature which populates your search with characteristics of your best customers and lets you tweak the criteria.

D&B360 complements its traditional business sources with social conversations as they happen via its Rest of World feature. This includes social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Maps, Skype, blogs as well as news and finance. You can also set up daily news email alerts.

The product is very easy to use and has an intuitive and consistent search interface but what sets it apart from similar products on the market is the high quality business information that is available from D&B. With D&B360 you can ensure data quality from the start allowing you to focus more time on your customers and less on managing the data, which makes this an incredibly powerful addition to your existing CRM solution.

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