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By Robin Neidorf

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Keeping skills and expertise current, and even ahead of the curve, is essential to ensure that information professionals continue to play a strategic role within organisations and contribute to key areas such as business development. The new FreePint Topics are designed to highlight essential issues, products and expert opinions in the areas of compliance, ROI, sources and technology - sign in to receive free updates on each of these key areas.


As we start to wind up the FreePint Series: Big Data in Action, you'll find a number of Feature stories from experts like Sue Hill, Kat Allen and Richard Corbridge on the ways information professionals can bring their skills and experiences forward in big data projects. Each contributor offers practical ideas to make sure you don't get left behind on projects getting the lion's share of attention in your organisations.

Also take a minute to check out our latest product review, D&B360, written by new reviewer Sophie Alexander. Sophie's been supporting FreePint behind the scenes for a few months with research projects, and you'll be reading more of her work in the coming months. Sophie's discovered she enjoys researching and writing product reviews - and adding new skills and publication credits to your CV is never a bad idea for improving your career resilience.

James Mullan can always be counted on for provocative ideas, often involving social media. His latest article, exploring the possibilities of managing internal communications through social media tools, exemplifies the kind of insight that any organisation should be thrilled to have circulating amongst its staff. James monitors technology developments for emerging trends, compares those trends to needs he identifies in business environments, and makes bold recommendations to capitalise on these developments. Even if your sphere of interests differ from his, you can glean a lot from his process and use it to bring your professional skills to the fore.

One of the tried and tested methods for keeping your skills and knowledge visible is to stay informed about information sources, and then forwarding relevant tips, resources and suggestions to colleagues. Contributing editors Yulia Aspinall and Penny Crossland both help you do so: Yulia with an overview of Consumer Reports, a tool to support research on products and markets, and Penny with a Mini Review of Duedil, a new player providing company information to support due diligence on UK and Irish companies.

We are always working to make it easier for you to find and extract from FreePint the content you need the most, whether to support your long-term career resilience or respond to an urgent short-term request. With our introduction of FreePint Topics, we highlight what customers tell us are "must have" areas of interest. Change your FreePint communication preferences to receive each of our new free Topic Updates - Sources, Technology, ROI and Compliance - or complete this short form to indicate your preferences, and we'll make sure you are getting the right updates.

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