Aileen Marshall Leadership Companies Premium: Developing a C-Suite Network
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By Aileen Marshall


Leadership Companies Premium is a robust online interactive directory of senior-level executives from the largest US and worldwide companies, and second-to-none in its field, finds Aileen Marshall. An easy-to-use drill down approach coupled with high quality data ensures organisations which require executive contact and network details will achieve ROI over expending their own resources to collect this information.


Amongst the most time-consuming yet valuable elements of company research is to collect and validate in-depth information about senior-level executives. Leadership Companies Premium eliminates the time and effort involved in gathering this information with a robust online interactive directory. 

The scope of the product is limited to top executives and board members at the largest US public companies, plus top executives at the largest private companies and fast-growing public companies. If your needs match this niche, Leadership Companies Premium is second-to-none.

Proven research and validation techniques of publisher Leadership Directories Inc. (LDI) are behind this strength: all data is validated by a human researcher prior to being published in any database. LDI has long been known for publishing the most accurate and reliable directories for US government personnel. In recent years, LDI has branched out to cover executives and contacts in media, law, non-profit organisations and energy.

Interface and Outputs

Like other LDI products, Leadership Companies Premium has a well-designed interface that packs a lot of intuitive information into a relatively small amount of screen real estate without ever becoming cluttered. 

The end-game for most interactions with Leadership Companies Premium is to pull up contact details for executives that match specific user criteria, such as work for a company, in a particular industry, in a region, or with specific educational or training background. This may result in a single record or a list of records, which can be exported.

You can choose a number of approaches to begin to drill-down to find the executives that match their criteria. Although the drill-down approach is relatively clear and intuitive, advanced researchers may find it a bit slow compared with constructing a complex search string (though most casual users will take to it easily).

One challenge, however, is that the built-in navigational features that work alongside the drill-down approach take a bit of getting used to: more than once when testing the product, I accidentally "backed" myself out of my results by using the "back" button on my browser, having forgotten to use the unobtrusive "back" navigation provided in the results.

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In exporting a list of records, you have a great deal of flexibility in identifying which fields to use to define the report set, as well as which fields to display in the report itself. It's important to note that the standard user licence includes a credit to export only up to 5,000 records, though it is possible to purchase additional export bundles.


Once you have been interacting with the product for even a short period of time, Leadership Companies recognises which records matter to you and provides an easily accessible list of updates to those records. Clicking on any record in the update list shows which fields on the record have been changed or updated. You can also save records and set up alerts to be notified by email whenever changes have been made.

Product Value

Leadership Companies is a tightly focused and well-executed product. With transparent pricing, it's easy to identify the value of a licence. Averaging out at a little more than US$100 per user per month, there is no doubt that organisations needing executive contact and network details on US public companies and the largest/most important private companies will achieve ROI over expending their own resources to collect this information.

Full Review

The full FreePint Report: Product Review of Leadership Companies is now available to those with a FreePint Subscription.

Chapters in the full review:

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