Robin Neidorf Continuing Investigation into News Needs and Preferences
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By Robin Neidorf

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FreePint's Director of Research, Robin Neidorf, presents a round-up of current and upcoming FreePint Research in areas from news needs and preferences to compliance. FreePint's monthly updates on news sources are always popular and the annual FreePint Survey: News Needs and Preferences is now in it sixth year with the research focus evolving to reflect the changing marketplace. The upcoming FreePint Topic Series: Beyond Aggregation will identify the key issues and tools through a range of articles, features and reviews. Better understanding of compliance issues is also high on many information managers' priorities and if it's a topic you need to know more about, register for the FreePint Topic Series: Compliance in Context which launches in September.


The News Sources category is one which we at FreePint have long investigated from a number of different angles. Recent articles included in this issue of the FreePint Newsletter convey some of that scope:

  • Contributing editor Anne Jordan provides monthly updates on additions and removals from key news aggregation databases, such as Factiva and

During last week's editorial meeting with Andrew Grave, the producer of the FreePint Topic Series: Beyond Aggregation, we identified the nine (!) products for reviews or mini reviews during the series (October-November), plus the related articles he'll be commissioning on topics like DIY news aggregation, licensing models, and considerations in copyright and distribution. 

If you're looking for alternatives to your aggregation providers, or if you want to validate your existing choices, you won't want to neglect registering your interest in this series so that you don't miss a thing.

Compliance in Context

In other series-related news, the next FreePint Topic Series: Compliance in Context, is in the final pre-launch stages. Though officially launching on 2nd September, we've already been reading commentary by producer Andrew Lucas, as well as early product reviews including Mini Reviews of Alacra ComplianceLexis Diligence, and the first parts of an in-depth Review of Compliance Catalyst from Bureau van Dijk..

Andrew has commissioned articles to help you better understand how to serve the compliance professionals in your organisation, support selection and management of compliance-related products in your organisation's portfolio, and stay informed about changes in the regulatory environment by region and/or regulatory framework.

I know I'll learn a lot from this series about a critical area of information work that's often a bit mysterious. If you feel similarly uncertain about compliance topics and ready to learn, register your interest today.

All series registrants receive a free copy of a FreePint Report published during the series, ongoing notification of new content, and first notification of available seats in any FreePint Webinars offered in the series. For Compliance in Context, we're preparing a great webinar session to give you a "peek under the hood" (err.. bonnet?) of how compliance-related products are created and validated, making you a more informed consumer and better partner within your organisation for selecting and managing product choices.

Subscription-Only Access

We continue to make some content - Feature articles, occasional reports, webinar content - available to any reader at no cost. However, the focus of our editorial and research efforts is aimed at creating valuable articlesreportsCommunities of Practice, and original research available only by paid subscription. 

If you do not yet have a FreePint Subscription, complete our online form to start the discussion with us about our value. There's no better time than the present.

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