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By James Mullan

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Graphs and other visual outputs make business and competitive intelligence tool Manzama ideal for displaying complex information and highlighting patterns and trends, finds James Mullan. He also draws attention to the high degree of personalisation available in this information gathering and dissemination product. Currently used primarily by legal and professional services organisations, he foresees this expanding to other sectors.


Late last year I was asked to write a review of Manzama. This is a competitive and business intelligence tool which can be used to provide a bespoke and very customisable information gathering and dissemination service to users within organisations.

Information can be gathered from traditional sources and social media as well as subscription content from services such as LexisNexis, PLC and Westlaw. Clients are currently primarily in the legal and professional services field but the company plans to extend its reach into other sectors and to expand its base outside the US to the UK and further afield.

Visual Outputs Illustrate Trends & Patterns

One of the things that surprised me most about Manzama was how visual it is and this, I believe, can provide a significant opportunity for many organisations. In recent years we've seen an explosion in the use of infographics to display complex information quickly and clearly. Infographics are also increasingly being used to show patterns and trends in information.

This is similar to Manzama's outputs through the use of graphs and other visual tools, which highlight trends and patterns to show the type and frequency of information that is being published about a particular subject or client in real time.

Bringing Business Intelligence to a New Audience

With this in mind I think Manzama will be particularly useful for individuals who prefer to see visual representations or summaries of the content they're looking at, rather than pages and pages of data, which they then have to try and analyse. I also think the use of visuals and graphs in Manzama will encourage those users who haven't previously used a business intelligence tool themselves to do so.

Customised Results Tailored to Specific Interests

Alongside this are the many opportunities users have to customise their experience of Manzama to make it more relevant to them, through highlighting areas of particular interest, such as sectors, practice areas, clients and industries.

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Editor's Note: Next-Gen Competitive Intelligence

Readers interested in this review may wish to look out for FreePint's upcoming Topic Series: Next-Gen Competitive Intelligence which will emphasise product reviews, but also include case studies and expert tips on making the most of evolving technology to conduct competitive intelligence. Dates are to be decided but publication will be in 2014.

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