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By Deb Hunt


Deb Hunt is a strategic knowledge professional and specialist in document, digital asset and enterprise content management. She shares some of her favourite tipples.


As a strategic knowledge professional and principal of Information Edge, I've moved from creating and automating libraries to document, digital asset and enterprise content management. I still do research and analysis and find that keeping current in all of these areas is a challenge. However, the following tools and sites make it possible to stay ahead of the curve:

  • Hootlet: This is a mini-app for tweeting to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn from any webpage. It automatically pre-shortens a link of a webpage you are visiting, and inserts text from a website's tag. Hootlet users can then edit, schedule, and send updates/posts to one or multiple accounts.
  • Career Sustainability: Over the past several years, I've seen my colleagues struggling with layoffs and job insecurity. Yet there are vast opportunities for information professionals outside of traditional library jobs. 
    I started this LinkedIn group to foster discussion, share strategies for job growth and potential, and to offer a virtual meeting place for professional growth and thinking outside the info pro box.
  • MailChimp: This is an easy-to-use tool that makes creating and sending out my Information Edge eNewsletter a breeze. There are templates, social network sharing tools, tracking of results and more. And, depending on the number of subscribers, it is free or inexpensive and works all over the world.
  • Google Calendar: This tool is a lifesaver when you want to sync your calendar between your smartphone, laptop, desktop computer and Outlook or anywhere you go online. I like its intuitive interface where one can easily add events or move them around with "drag and drop" without having to reload the page. I couldn't live without it!
  • My go-to place when it's time to play. With all our children grown and gone, we plan a regular family reunion and use VRBO to find a place that will fit our growing family and four dogs. We plan to use it for a trip to Italy next fall and have searched it even for short, not-too-distant weekend getaways.

An article in FreePint which I found particularly interesting:

  • Mining for Knowledge Management Nuggets One challenge when working on any knowledge management project is getting buy-in from senior managers or the "C" suite for doing it right. They may not understand that collecting knowledge is both for known needs and for future needs that are yet unknown.

    Systematically collecting knowledge means it will be available when it's needed. I'm not a game player, but James Mullan's Mining for Knowledge Management Nuggets is spot on. Excuse me while I ask my son if I can use his Xbox to try out Minecraft...

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