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By Sophie Alexander

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Corporate Affiliations is a web-based business information database containing in-depth profiles of over 1 million leading global parent and subsidiary companies, over 1.7 million executives as well as business news and M&A activity. 


Corporate Affiliations provides users with an insight into the relationships between executives and board members as well as corporate hierarchies, giving you a more complete picture of an organisation.

Many different types of organisations and professionals benefit from using Corporate Affiliations in a variety of areas from law, government, accounting to executive recruitment, public libraries and even students.

Due Diligence & More

Law firms can perform due diligence checks to avoid conflicts of interest in litigation, or research corporate structures in merger and acquisitions work. Other organisations can use it to determine the financial stability of a potential partner.

If you're in sales and marketing, you may find it useful for cross-sell or up-sell opportunities as well as knowing when a client sells one of its subsidiaries.

You may just want to get a feel for the overall competitive landscape if you're involved in new business development or see what products companies are offering.

It's also used by those in public relations, executive recruiters looking for potential matches for a client, fundraisers and job searchers.

M&A Insight with MergerTrak

Mergers and acquisitions can potentially expose an organisation to risk and if you need to find out if a client, partner or vendor is in the middle of a merger or stay on top of M&A activity in general, you can use MergerTrak.

This tool provides transactional data for thousands of pending and completed acquisitions as well as in-depth corporate data for the companies involved in the transactions. The Corporate Affiliations M&A group tracks activity from announcement to closure and reconciles corporate families post-merger.

Corporate Affiliations are the only M&A content provider that flags the target and acquiring companies and lets their customers know when corporate families have been reconciled. All the information is collected from global newspapers, newswires, and magazines.

Highlight Connections and Keep Updated

There are also a wide range of alerts you can set up in Corporate Affiliations to keep track of what's going on with companies or personnel.

The historical search feature is particularly useful when looking at the financial health of a company as it gives you a more complete picture when deciding whether to do business with them.

The Corporate Hierarchies make it easy to see how companies are connected as it's not always immediately obvious when subsidiaries have names unrelated to their corporate parents.

With new content being added to Corporate Affiliations on a daily basis and so many different uses for this product it was clear to see how it would be of benefit to many types of firms in a range of industries.

Editor's Note

Corporate Affiliations has a host of interesting features. The full FreePint Report: Product Review of Corporate Affiliations is now available in PDF format, in a convenient package for reference and sharing, for those with a FreePint Subscription.

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