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By Catherine Dhanjal


Catherine Dhanjal highlights FreePint's resources covering business and company information for China and in Chinese.


We recently had a query from a FreePint Subscriber about FreePint resources on business information, company and market news covering China and in particular local-language sources.

We responded with a bespoke summary of our relevant articles, reviews and series. If you have similar interests, you'll find this summary useful for navigating the full range of resources FreePint offers.

Firstly we categorised the query into various aspects:

  • Transcription/translation
  • Product reviews
  • Tools specific to emerging markets
  • Source Updates
  • Most relevant FreePint Topic Categories.

We then highlighted the most relevant content under each heading:


Product Reviews

  • Product Review of BvD Compliance Catalyst: Sources, Content & Coverage This compliance product is particularly useful for onboarding but also pulls data from BvD’s global company database, Orbis which includes 1.7m records from China.

  • Product Review of Euromonitor Passport This offers consumer-based market research covering 210 countries.

  • Product Review of Nexis: Sources, Content & Coverage Nexis includes sources such as the South China Morning Post and Xinhua General News Service. The vendor advises that forthcoming expanded language capabilities in Mandarin and Portuguese will give subscribers even more insight into important events in key emerging markets (including China and Brazil).

  • Mini Review of Lexis Diligence This compliance product is particularly suited to due diligence. It includes 23,000 news sources from international, national and regional newspapers, blogs and newswires, with a 40 year archive, including titles such as ABA Banking Journal, Asia Today, Banking & Credit News, BBC Monitoring: International Reports, CNN, Compliance Week, The Guardian, Intelligence Online, Intellinews, Malaysian Business and Pakistan Business News. It holds millions of global public and private company profiles for emerging and developed markets. A searchable directory provides further details about the sources available. 

  • Product Review of Cipher Systems Knowledge.Works This Competitive Intelligence (CI) product supports Chinese (both character sets).

Emerging Markets Products

  • Product Review of Global Financial Data: Sources, Content & Coverage This offers data pertinent to financial markets and economics. Specific examples regarding coverage of China/Asia include: pricing data on rice in China back to the year 1000 (priced in grams of silver per hectolitre); asset allocation - indices for 50 countries, with Asia being one of the most heavily represented regions.

  • Product Review of EMISPRO This Emerging Markets Information Service product includes industry research from OCN in China; news from Xinhua News Agency in China; and content in 15 languages including Chinese. 107 countries are covered, including 13 in Asia-Pacific - with China and Indochina amongst these. EMISPRO serves clients in emerging markets as well as those in the developed world seeking information on those markets, providing emerging markets data and news.

  • Mini Review of CB Insights This is a specialist information provider of high-growth company information and financing and M&A deals intelligence. It includes, for example, over 4,000 company profiles from China as at 2013 (up from under 3,000 in 2012).

  • Product Review of Arachnys This solution is designed to help organisations find business data on emerging markets, with particular focus on compliance-related data. Over 16,000 sources are curated by expert researchers with local market knowledge. "Country libraries" for over 200 countries are included. There are 53 corporate registry sites listed for China. Source numbers for Asia Pacific are: News 1359; Corporate 105; Government 183; Litigation: 140. News sources include regional and local-language websites

Source Updates

FreePint Topic Categories

The most relevant FreePint Topic Categories for company and business information in China are:

Editor's Note

Robin Neidorf's recent blog item News Coverage "Off the Beaten Path" - Relevant FreePint Resources highlights FreePint's resources covering media monitoring, traditional news aggregators, and non-English and regional news.

Read more about and register for these Topic Series:

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