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By Catherine Dhanjal


Find out what's new and upcoming in FreePint's Content, Community, and Consulting - including articles and reviews on leading products and vendors in the regulatory compliance arena in our Know Your Customer series, plus a range of new webinars, and an update on FreePint's Community of Practice and consulting services.


Content (Articles, Reports and Webinars)

If you scan the latest articles published by FreePint, you can see the impact of the FreePint Topic Series: What You Need to Know Your Customer (KYC) on our editorial calendar.

Vendors in the compliance-related space can be key partners in figuring out how to meet regulations and reduce risk. Q&A articles with executives at Dow Jones and RDC offer useful insights into how they see the compliance world and the value they intend to deliver to customers.

Of course, vendors also contribute to our overall knowledge by conducting and sponsoring original research. Our contributor discusses the findings of KYC surveys from Dow Jones, Thomson Reuters and KPMG.

In addition, you'll find a full product review of Reg-Track, a regulatory tracking tool primarily intended for financial services companies.

If you're wondering if you should outsource KYC tasks or keep them in-house, contributor Darren Hickman explains the questions to ask and sources of answers to take the mystery out of this decision. 

Finally, contributor Mark Dunn invites you to flip your expectations about due diligence upside down: these practices can be of great tangible benefit to business, rather than simply a burden.

Beyond KYC, we have plenty of other fresh content, notably a deeply detailed product review of Innography, a unique and powerful product that combines patent data with business, scientific and technical information. If you have any interest in patent data, you won't want to miss this one.

Anne Jordan has completed her monthly coverage of changes in database source lists, this month covering Nexis, Eureka/Europresse and Factiva.

We've updated the FreePint Webinars page, and you'll find a number of practical offerings scheduled for the coming months - making your source expertise more strategic, understanding UK legal buying patterns, and the practicalities of moving from one news supplier to another. Check out what's coming and register.


Customers continue to see the value in discussing value: we've held our popular "Determining, Discussing and Measuring Value" session in New York and Boston, with sessions coming up in Chicago and Amsterdam

As part of the FreePint Topic Series: News, and Beyond, we're developing a new Community of Practice session on the emerging trend to split current awareness content from news research content. This CoP will be delivered in London, Amsterdam, New York and via teleconference. Some dates are already set, and you can find them on the Community page on the FreePint site, including links to register. Other listings will be added as dates are confirmed.


How to deliver news content effectively and cost-effectively for current awareness purposes is the focus of more than one current consulting project. We're wrapping up work with one client that has been surveying users about preferred sources, and starting work with another that is considering a move to direct licensing of key publications rather than relying on aggregators to deliver current awareness resources.

As these customers and others have examined the economics of aggregator licensing against the titles users tell them really matter in their world, I expect more and more to at least question the ROI of this approach and investigate alternatives.

If these questions are coming up in your organisation, you're not alone (and we can help).

Editor's Note

Find out more about a FreePint Subscriptionwhich at the Content level gives access to all FreePint articles, reports and webinars, at the Community level gives access to all FreePint Communities of Practice (as well as all FreePint Content), and at the Consulting level adds a credit for up to six hours of annual consulting time. Find out more.

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