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By Robin Neidorf


Register for the FreePint Topic Series: News, and Beyond and receive a free PDF report "Newsgathering - to Infinity and Beyond".



FreePint Topic Series: News, and BeyondAre the user requirements, licence costs, market dynamics and copyright risks of news content in your organisation on your mind?

If so, register free for the upcoming FreePint Topic Series: News, and Beyond, and receive the free PDF report "Newsgathering - to Infinity and Beyond".

Master the Complexities of News Content

"How do you deliver news content efficiently and cost-effectively?" is the most consistent question we've fielded from customers over the past year.

We've spent hundreds of hours exploring the complexities of news content in the enterprise with information managers.

For this Series we're working with our two insightful analysts, Shimrit Janes and Chris Porter, to provide tips articles, case studies, product reviews, Q&As, how-to, research analyses, webinars, and Communities of Practice sessions.

Get to Grips with Current Awareness

Shimrit will be focusing primarily on the ways organisations make news and current awareness visible and valuable to a wide range of workers.

Keep on Top of the Latest News Products

Chris will be digging into the research applications of news products, including niche and off-the-beaten-path offerings.

Gain Insight into Organisational Priorities around News

Meanwhile, I get to revisit our Survey on News Needs and Preferences for the seventh year: since 2008, we've surveyed information managers on their organisational priorities, perceptions and challenges around licensing and consuming news content.

Get Answers to Key Questions

The Topic Series runs from October through December and we'll be asking key questions throughout about:

  • Options for integrating news into the corporate environment
  • How to deliver news consistently and securely on mobile devices
  • "Good enough" coverage, and managing associated risks
  • How to migrate to a new supplier, or become your own supplier.

Register Now

Register now for free, receive a free PDF report "Newsgathering - to Infinity and Beyond", and provide your own comments and suggestions about what we should cover:

FreePint Topic Series: News, and Beyond

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