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By Constance Ard


NetProspex Workbench is a cloud data management product used by B2B decision makers. Reviewer Constance Ard reflects on how it can help to improve their market penetration rates.


Connecting with potential customers is an increasingly-difficult task. Email and phone numbers are often reported inaccurately. Knowing that an email will not bounce and that you will avoid being funnelled into the "spam" filter is an attractive option for B2B marketers and sales professionals.

NetProspex helps clients achieve 76% higher email deliverability. With over 34 million vetted contacts in their database, the company can provide data management services that complete the gaps in contact information and show at a glance the quality of data from your own content sources.

Focus on Quality of Contact Data

With a simple interface and visual reports it is easy for users to compare and contrast their data against that in the NetProspex database.

The company is focused.

"Don't try to boil the ocean at first. There are so many kinds of nurturing with different objectives, and so many populations in your database, that it's easy to get overwhelmed when you are just beginning the process.

"Start with the section of your database that you are least likely to harm -- for example, dormant leads or pure suspects. Cut your teeth there instead of going directly after existing customers or interrupting active sales conversations with your message," Michael Bird, CEO of NetProspex.

(Quoted in B to B, 2010. "What is one critical lesson you've learned about effective lead nurturing?")

They have grown from a virtual business card provider for businesses in North America to a data management service company focused on the quality of the content they provide. The concentration on data quality results in their customers being able to create pinpointed target lists.

Power and Simplicity Combined

The product's visual elements are attractive and functional. The data fields are mostly what is expected. Phone number connection rates and email bounce rates are part of the analysis provided for every dataset.

The simplicity of navigation and the focus on quality should not turn prospective B2B customers away from this product. There is much power behind the focus and the results will be beneficial to anyone interested in using clean data for targeted and precise campaigns.

NetProspex has a host of interesting features. The Product Review of NetProspex Workbench is now available for those with a FreePint Subscription.

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