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By Robin Neidorf

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We highlight FreePint's articles and product reviews from the field of competitive intelligence.


We received a question from a customer: 

"We're digging into some of the CI platforms that are available. I've read the FreePint review on Intelligence Plaza and Manzama. Do you have a list of similar players anywhere? I'm trying to find others in that space, and I'm trying to determine if they all follow a similar pricing model."

We replied:

We have looked at a number of other platforms intended for CI uses, notably Knowledge.Works and Knowledge XChanger as well as Digimind (that report is on the social platform, but we've also reviewed the main platform).

Some tools, like StrategyEye Digital Media, are aimed at a particular industry (that one for media). ClearCi is a workflow tool we've recently run across but haven't yet had a chance to review.  

The Topic Category of "Sources: Competitive Intelligence" shows everything we've published in this area, including tips articles, reports, and reviews. The FreePint Topic Series: Next-Generation Competitive Intelligence we ran earlier this year also provides a useful collection of resources. 

These tools run the gamut from standalone robust resources with their own source lists to workflow tools that you plug your own intel into.  

The purchase models vary a great deal. I've compared what our researchers learned as they conducted their product reviews and summarised them in a table:


Pricing information from review

Most recent FreePint coverage

Intelligence Plaza from Global Intelligence Alliance

"The ongoing pricing/licensing model for Intelligence Plaza is based on the number of users and number of additional modules a customer might request. Pricing for the setup of Intelligence plaza is based on a standard setup fee, with additional cost if customisation is required."

FreePint Report: Review of Intelligence Plaza
(Sept 2011)

New review now in progress for publication in early 2015




None - no cost service

Mini-Review: Manzama
(Jan 2014)


"Users buy monthly or yearly subscriptions to Digimind.

"There are no search fees or pay as you go options available.

"The cost of a subscription starts at $990 per month based on the edition chosen. With four main editions, Starter, Team, Pro and Corporate, users can choose the right level of features for their own requirements. There are also additional user licence fees."

FreePint Report: Product Review of Digimind
(Apr 2012)

FreePint Report: Product Review of Digimind Social (Feb 2014)



"There are two pricing options for Knowledge.Works:

"One is based on an application service provider (ASP) model where Cipher hosts and maintains your database at a secure Cipher site (SaaS - Software as a Service).

"This includes an initial set up cost, customisations and a monthly subscription fee.

"The other is a direct licensing model that includes a licensing fee (per business entity), customisations and yearly maintenance. In this model the database is implemented and maintained at your site.

"Implementations start from around $20k, based on requirements, but are based on a fixed price quote agreed in a proposal. Monthly costs are on average $3,500 per month for unlimited users, in the Software as a Service model"

FreePint Report: Product Review of Knowledge.Works
(May 2014)


Knowledge XChanger

(now called intelligence2day Enterprise)



"License fee (choice of yearly or perpetual) Based on number of registered users (no limit) $80/month/user

"Maintenance fee %/year of licence fee N/A

Service fee Hourly price based on amount of service required

"A typical Knowledge XChanger licence fee is between $50,000 - $100,000 USD per year depending on number of users. Installations are rarely less than 30 user licenses, and some installations have thousands of users.

"It is key to note that there is no charge for 'passive' users in the organisation. Anyone in the organisation can read the start page or receive email alerts and newsletters created by the CI team."

FreePint Report: Product Review of Knowledge XChanger
(Jul 2014)


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