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By Ashish Shukla


Ashish Shukla looks at three recent product reviews and how Cortellis, Innography and Digimind Social perform in terms of allowing information managers to slice and dice data and obtain intuitive visual outputs.


An information manager working in a biopharma or STM organisation has access to a lot of information from various sources pertaining to categories like mergers and acquisitions, lifecycle management, social media and others.

What Key Support is an Information Manager Looking For?

In my experience, the ability to slice and dice data and to be able to obtain intuitive visual outputs are key product features required by an information manager. FreePint continuously reviews many innovative offerings in biopharmaceutical space in its product reviews. Below are three such tools that can be of help to information professionals:


"Virtual Merger" Feature from Cortellis

Cortellis integrates many Thomson Reuters databases and offers unique analytical and visualisation tools. The Product Review of Cortellis by Yulia Aspinall highlights one of the unique features of Cortellis - a virtual merger tool.

This tool requires user to enter the names of the potential companies of his/her interest. Once selection is made, the tool employs a "development status funnel" to generate graphical representation of probable merger scenarios. These representations are accompanied by advanced analytics which allow users to gain further granularity.


"PatentScape Maps" from Innography

In general, working with patent data requires a lot of back-breaking effort as the data is not easy to obtain, validate and organise. The Advanced Analysis tool from Innography offers decision support through its interactive platform that generates attractive, noise-free and easy-on-the-eye data visualisations for the patent data. The Product Review of Innography by Cathy Chiba discusses this elaborately.

The PatentScape Map is unique in representing text analysis groupings of patent documents with remarkable clarity. Colouring individual cells within particular semantic spaces in the PatentScape Map illustrates the location of specific companies. This colour highlighting makes it easy for the user to discern the association between the companies and the content types.


"Five-W-Concept Grouping" from Digimind Social

In the present digitalised world, social media analytics is important for businesses as it helps them in tracking perception about their own and competitor products. The Product Review of Digimind Social by Aileen Marshall discusses how the "Five-W-Concept" grouping by Digimind Social addresses the data complexity problem.

The Five-W-Concept provides the following functionalities to the user in a visually rich format:

WHAT - displays the cloud of keywords recently in use for the term chosen by the user

WHEN - displays the conversation trends marking the peaks of activity

WHERE - displays conversations by geography

WHO - displays the key influencers

HOW - displays the sentiment of conversations.


Visualisation Enhances Usability

Effective and interactive data visualisation tools enhance the usability of the information. The Virtual Merger from Cortellis, PatentScape Maps from Innography, and Five-W-Concept Grouping from Digimind Social can be great additions to the armamentarium of any information manager who wishes to cut through the existing information clutter.


What's Upcoming? 

Keep a look out for our upcoming article on specialist news offerings for the pharma sector, Mini Review of F1000Research and Product Review of Springer's AdisInsight Databases.

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