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By Elizabeth Geesey Holmes


My Favourite Tipples are shared by Elizabeth Geesey Holmes, director of library services at the law firm of Partridge Snow & Hahn. She shares some of her favourite online resources in areas from specialist legal sources to STM document delivery and the Timehop app.


The resources I've selected below are ones I consult frequently in my role as a law firm librarian. I am responsible for the management of my firm's library and research resources in all formats, and do research for attorneys, paralegals and for our marketing department. In addition to these work-related sites I've also highlighted an app that I use just for fun.

  • PinHawk Librarian Daily Digest: This is the one resource I must read every day. It contains links to the top news in the legal information world, including knowledge management, competitive intelligence, new information resources, legal marketing and social media. I particularly appreciate the insightful comments on the top news stories by the Digest's editors. Reading this news digest saves me lots of time as I don't have to monitor multiple news sources and blogs.
  • Google Advanced Search Page: This page is relatively hidden from the main Google search page, but it's invaluable to use in order to craft a search that retrieves the information you want without as much of the stuff you don't want. I use it to limit my searches to a particular domain or website, to limit searches to one type of file format, and to limit searches to pages updated within the past year. The Advanced Search Page offers a "fill in the box" interface so that one can use Boolean Search terms and refine searches without having to know Google's specific search operators.
  • TSLL TechScans: This is a blog that I helped start. It's sponsored by the Technical Services Law Librarians Special Interest Section of the American Association of Law Librarians, and its purpose is to share the latest trends and technology tools for Technical Services Librarians. Contributors scan many different blogs, journals and news sources and share the top information on this blog.
  • Wisconsin Tech Search (WTS) Article Delivery: Though not strictly law related, I've recently been using this document delivery service offered through the University of Wisconsin at Madison's College of Engineering. They provide materials from their extensive collections. I occasionally have to find science, technology and medical articles for cases that the firm is working on. This service is fast, accurate and cost effective. They also provide research services, and will lend books.
  • Timehop: I'm a historian at heart, in fact I have two history degrees in addition to my library degree. This app on my smartphone gathers my posts, statuses and photos from social media sites such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and others. Each day I get a new digest of my photos and updates from this exact day in history - going back 5+ years.

An article in FreePint which I found particularly interesting:  

  • "Selling Knowledge Management Within Your Organisation". I'm interested in knowledge management and read as much as I can about its implementation in law firms. My firm does not have an official knowledge management policy, but some of us are beginning to talk about it, however, we won't get very far unless we can sell it to others in our firm. 

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