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By Catherine Dhanjal

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We highlight FreePint's articles and product reviews from the field of sales prospecting, sales intelligence and executive information.


We received a question from a customer: 

"I'm interested in tools and products to help our salespeople to better target prospects." 

We replied:

We've looked at a number of products which could be of interest to you, including:

  • Avention - global B2B database of information relating to companies and individuals. The full Report is here and you can read about our researcher's view on Avention, the successor to OneSource Business Browser and iSell products in this Blog item and find out what makes it particularly suited to sales and marketing professionals and researchers.
  • DiscoverOrg - offering sales intelligence on IT companies. The full Report is here and you can see our reviewer's thoughts on how DiscoverOrg helps users to achieve shorter sales cycles and increased revenue in our Blog item here
  • NetProspex - designed to give B2B decision-makers quality lead generation data. The full Report is here and you can see the author's reflections on how it can help companies improve market penetration rates in our Blog item


There are also tools which specifically offer executive information, including: 

  • Corporate Affiliations - in-depth profiles of companies and executives. The full Report is here and our researcher's view of key use-cases can be found in our Blog item
  • Factiva Companies & Executives - company and executive profile information, including biographical and compensation data. The full Report is here and you can read about how the tool helps users answer Key Questions in our Blog item
  • Leadership Companies - an online interactive directory of senior-level executives from the largest US and worldwide companies. The full Report is here and our reviewer's commentary on how it helps achieve ROI over expending in-house resources to collect this information is highlighted in our Blog item.
  • Relationship Science (RelSci) - a business intelligence database which marries who you know with who the "movers and shakers" know. The full Report is here and the author highlights some of RelSci's key attributes in this Blog item


Market research and competitive intelligence specialist Michael Levy wrote three insightful articles on how sales intelligence services power CRM insights which will also be of interest.

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