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By Catherine Dhanjal


Find out what's new and upcoming in FreePint's Content, Community, and Consulting - including three webinars in the Topic Series "Making Information Visible";  FreePint's recent Community of Practice events include sessions for information managers in the financial industry as well as government agencies, upcoming is an event focusing on tangible goods industries. Consulting projects include bespoke product reviews and product comparisons.


Content (Articles, Reports and Webinars)

The current Topic Series, "Making Information Visible", boasts three upcoming webinars to support at-your-desk learning:

Also within this Topic Series, we've recently published a number of helpful articles, including Eight Steps to Good Management for Visible Information, by series co-producer Martin White.

If you haven't yet done so, register for this series and we will keep you informed about the latest resources released as part of it.

A popular article added to the collection recently is "Preventing Knowledge Loss When Employees Leave" - a very practical objective of knowledge management, whether technology-driven or human-driven. View counts on this one suggest that it's struck a nerve with a lot of readers.

Current reports include the in-depth Product Review of Nexis, which examines the newly released single platform for global coverage, and our monthly Subscription Update for Information Services Management - if you want an easy downloadable PDF to take the highlights of FreePint with you offline, this is the report for you.

Meanwhile, we're already making progress with the co-producers of the next Topic Series "Best Practices in Information Skills Development", which will run from April through June. They're planning a robust menu of offerings to support how you remain at the top of your game and help those around you do the same.



We recently ran two industry-focused Communities of Practice sessions, which provide a different way to bring peer groups together to discuss key issues.

  • The first was an in-person meeting in London, with information managers in the financial industry. We reviewed the results of a product benchmarking project this group asked FreePint to conduct; you can read more about the results here.
  • The second was a teleconference for information managers in government agencies and quasi-public organisations. We focused on the unique nature of their stakeholders, planning challenges and bureaucracy. Read more about our conclusions here.

The next industry-focused teleconference will be Strategies for Information Managers in Tangible Goods Industries, taking place in April. If you work in a "real world" industry like manufacturing, agriculture or hardware, this one is for you.

Within the "Making Information Visible" series, we're offering a special CoP session in March: Needs Assessment for Information Visibility. We're offering two sessions to accommodate demand, but please register soon to ensure your spot.



Did you know you can request bespoke product reviews or product comparisons from FreePint? This has been a valuable use of consulting time for many customers. We can take a closer look at variables that matter most to your organisation, or compare multiple products against criteria you define.

If you have questions about consulting services, please contact our director of research, Robin Neidorf, at

Find out more about a FreePint Subscriptionwhich at the Content level gives access to all FreePint articles, reports and webinars, at the Community level gives access to all FreePint Communities of Practice (as well as all FreePint Content), and at the Consulting level adds a credit for up to six hours of annual consulting time.

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