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By Ashish Shukla

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AdisInsight is a new platform developed by Springer that offers quick and easy search into more than 210,000 scientifically curated records. The platform allows access to well-structured information pertaining to the entire drug lifecycle, thus, rendering the platform as a "one stop solution" for organisations working across the healthcare spectrum.


As a drug moves from laboratory to market, an enormous amount of information is generated at each stage that may be relevant to organisations for their competitive intelligence initiatives. Thus, organisations and professionals are expected to be at the top of these developments.

However, wading through this information jungle to glean the required pieces is an uphill task, and requires significant investment of time on a continual basis to check the comprehensiveness and scientific veracity of the data.


Springer's AdisInsight is a new platform aimed at organisations and professionals who need quick and easy access to a database which has more than 210,000 scientifically curated records and the vendor advises to be updated daily. The platform is intuitive to use, has robust algorithms and several features which can save time and bring greater efficiency to the organisation.

While reviewing the AdisInsight platform, we were most impressed by the scientific strength of the records. 

The write-ups, which we checked, were lucid but did not compromise on the scientific meaning and the correctness. The scientific terminologies were used as per the international code. Also, all write-ups were properly referenced with references hosted on Springer server, thus, taking away the fear of bumping into dead links. 

This sits well with Springer's assertion that the AdisInsight team consists of highly qualified healthcare professionals who undergo a rigorous training programme.

We were also impressed with the way data was arranged in each record and the way that technology enabled easy navigation between different elements within a record. Furthermore, we found structural consistency between records useful. 

Single Point of Access

Another aspect which is worth mentioning about the AdisInsight platform is its comprehensiveness. The platform offers a single point of access to more than 210,000 records across three content sets: drug-based clinical trials, global drug programmes, and pharmacovigilance insights (adverse drug reaction case reports, drug safety studies and regulatory news). We can say that one can find almost all relevant information related to a drug on this platform, thus taking away need to access multiple sites or databases.

The "autosuggestion" feature in the search box, check box filters to refine search results, and possibility to download retrieved results are other noticeable aspects of AdisInsight platform. In a nutshell, we can say the that intuitiveness and robustness of AdisInsight platform can be an enabling factor for professionals working in the healthcare domain.

Find Out More

Read FreePint's detailed Product Review of AdisInsight to get acquainted with the structure, functional aspects and promised business value of the AdisInsight platform.

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