Sarah Huibregtse Introducing the FreePint Topic Series "Best Practices in Information Skills Development"
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By Val Skelton and Sarah Huibregtse


As we launch FreePint's new Topic Series "Best Practices in Information Skills Development", the co-producers provide a taste of what's upcoming as we examine skills development from the perspective of information managers who need to train their centre staff and users in other departments. 


FreePint Topic Series: Best Practices in Information Skills DevelopmentThe role of information professionals constantly changes - as, of course, does the business environment in which they operate - due to competition, new technologies, challenging business environments and tough economic times. Now more than ever, information professionals have a responsibility to ensure that organisations are investing wisely in information. 

A key element of maximising information investments is ensuring the entire workforce has the skills needed to find, analyse and exploit information effectively in the digital workplace.

Ensuring Return on Information Investments

As information professionals we are responsible for ensuring that our organisations are getting an adequate return on information investments and at times we may be asked to explain the value added. Therefore, it is important that we regularly ask ourselves these questions:

  • Does your organisation get optimum value from its information assets?
  • How can information managers help improve information skills across the workplace?
  • What are the proven ways of helping time-poor colleagues improve their skills - and how can you convince them that these skills are important?
  • How can you ensure your information team stays ahead of the game?

The Role of Information Managers in Skills Development

The FreePint Topic Series "Best Practices in Information Skills Development" aims to provide guidance, tips and support for information professionals as they seek to address these big questions. We examine skills development from the perspective of information managers who need to train their centre staff and users in other departments.

With case studies, product reviews, discussions and market overviews, this Topic Series is a valuable opportunity for learning and dialogue for information managers across a range of industries.

Subjects to be addressed in this series include:

  • Key trends in skills development
  • How to identify business-critical skills gaps
  • Examples of successful, real world, training and skills development initiatives  
  • Key tools and approaches, such as learning platforms and in-house vs outsourced training.

Whether you are new to information skills development, or are simply keen to explore new strategies and techniques, this series will offer a wealth of information for you and your staff.

We will also shortly launch the "FreePint Survey: Information Skills Development" and invite you to participate. The survey will ask for input on your organisation's strategy around skills development, resources, approaches and emerging needs. Your input is anonymous, but if you choose to provide an email address, you will receive a copy of the final report upon publication. Watch for the announcement shortly.

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  • Call to participate in the FreePint Survey: Information Skills Development (April 2015)
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