Elizabeth Trudell Subscription Update for Pharmaceutical Companies
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By Elizabeth Trudell


The driving force for companies in the pharmaceutical space is optimal management of the drug pipeline. Acquiring accurate and timely information about the lifecycle of specific drugs, and making that information visible throughout the organisation, is crucial to this process. Pharmaceutical companies will find resources with direct relevance to both aspects of these topics in recent FreePint Content and Community events. We also share information on recent Consulting projects with pharmaceutical companies. 


Content (Articles, Reports and Webinars)

An important new resource to aid evaluation of drug information services is now available to FreePint subscribers in a comprehensive, nine-part product review of AdisInsight. The product review goes into detail on the content coverage for trials, drugs and safety provided by AdisInsight, as well as reviewing platform features and technology, and the competitive landscape for each content area. This report will be of value for working with stakeholders throughout the organisation.

Information managers in pharmaceutical companies are also interested in assessing and improving discoverability of content across the enterprise. In the first three months of 2015, FreePint has been conducting research and events on this topic, generating a wealth of information now available under the FreePint Topic Series "Making Information Visible". The three main themes have emerged: the right technology, the right content and the right user behaviour.

During this same time period, FreePint initiated research on another timely topic, the use of ebooks in enterprise settings. Pharmaceutical companies were one of the largest market segments responding to the survey, and the sector has some of the highest levels of penetration for ebook usage. Look for the details of the FreePint survey results to be published soon.

Updates on content providers of interest to R&D-intensive organisations include an interview with EBSCO's VP of user research and with the chief sales and marketing officer at Reprints Desk.


The discussion about information visibility is still continuing and you can join a live workshop about needs assessment coming up in April. Register for the in-person meeting in Minneapolis on 15th April here (13:30 Central) or for the live phone conversation on 16th April here.

Another event for information buyers focused on the perspectives and needs of stakeholders in organisations dealing with tangible goods (as opposed to professional services or consulting).



We're delighted to be working with another pharmaceutical company on strategic planning, this time exploring the skills that information professionals will need to cultivate to be successful in the future, and then analysing existing competencies to identify gaps.

It's a great honour to partner with an organisation in this way, and it fits in beautifully with our research and development in the current Topic Series, "Best Practices in Information Skills Development"

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