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By Ashish Shukla

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The CMOCRO site is a global repository of pharmaceutical suppliers and aims to support its users by providing relevant information regarding the suitability of prospective partners. Reviewer Ashish Shukla highlights a couple of his favourite features of this free-to-use site and what it offers organisations or individuals looking for partnering support.


In this era of globalisation, aspiring organisations invest a considerable amount of time, money and energy in seeking potential partners.

There are a multitude of parameters (such as type of services offered, therapy areas served, regulatory compliance status of facilities, and others) that must be studied and compared between different prospective partners before one can arrive at any decision.

Supporting the Search for Pharmaceutical Partners

The CMOCRO site aims to support organisations and/or individuals in their quest for finding suitable business partners (see FreePint's recent Mini Review).

The site has an exhaustive list of pharmaceutical suppliers based across the globe, and provides an easy to use interface and free access to the database (registration required).

CMOCRO is a subsidiary of PharmaCircle and a joint venture with Drug Development & Delivery, two of the trusted names in the pharmaceutical knowledge management services, and the database is continuously updated and verified.

Company Comparisons

In our review of CMOCRO, two features caught our attention most. The site has a robust platform that allows users to select up to 20 companies and compare them. The output is a visual representation of similarities and differences between the selected companies.

We found this output easy to comprehend and helpful in top-line evaluation of how different companies are stacked against each other.

Depth of Information Offered

Another feature that impressed us while reviewing CMOCRO was the depth of the information. The CMOCRO team has primarily divided pharmaceutical suppliers into eight major categories, which are further divided into multiple sub-categories.

This layering of information is great help when we are looking for very specific information.

Find Out More

Along with the above two features, there are other features like "autosuggestion" and "location specific searches" that enhance the user experience considerably. Importantly, the user does not require a high-end training programme to be able to use this database.

Read about these features and the structure, functional aspects and promised business value of the CMOCRO database in FreePint's Mini Review of CMOCRO.

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