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By Jan Knight


Researcher Jan Knight identifies the areas she found particularly interesting when reviewing media monitoring and analysis product Infomart. Infomart specialises in Canadian social media and traditional news outlets.


Infomart is a Canadian media monitoring and analytics platform serving communications professionals, marketers and brand managers.

The product allows companies to track brands, campaigns, competitors and more - and provides data, analysis and insights that allow companies to make business decisions based on that media intelligence.

Media intelligence in this case comes from both traditional news outlets and social media. Infomart monitors over 45,000 websites daily including online blogs and forums as well as providing access to a wide variety of social media sources. Over 1,600 traditional news sources are tracked including major daily newspapers, regional and international papers, trade journals, magazines, radio and online news.

Monitor, Measure, Engage and Improve

Infomart's central dashboard makes it easy for users to set up, edit and monitor search topics, and then review and share results. Users select topics to monitor and also choose which media types they want to focus on. Two of the features of Infomart that stand out are the effective graphical results and the inclusion of "tonality" as a metric.

Graphical Results

Charts showing trends in coverage of a chosen topic and number of times a topic is mentioned are easy to read, as are the target-like graphics.


In my review I describe tonality as a level of "effect" whether it be positive or negative.

Infomart, with the use of algorithms, seeks keywords and phrases within the articles and postings, and compares them with an existing dictionary that assigns point values to favourable/positive words as well as to unfavourable/negative words.

It's important to acknowledge that the analysis can sometimes be subjective, and the point value assigned to a topic or a piece should be reviewed, however tonality does add a valuable perspective.

Find Out More

FreePint's Product Review of Infomart includes a discussion of the tool's content, flexible search and filtering options, and the ability to monitor multiple clients, topics or product lines with just this one platform.

Infomart believes that "without intelligence, it's just media" and the solution provides a time-saving, competitive edge for those who need that type of intelligence.

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