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By Catherine Dhanjal


Information-intensive organisations rely on a medley of subscription, in-house and free sources for their research needs. Dale Moore reviewed the redesigned Attensa content management platform and we highlight some of its newest features and look at what particularly impressed him.


FreePint Topic Series: All About UsageLast reviewed by FreePint in August 2012, Attensa's cloud-based knowledge management and current awareness platform has rebranded and redesigned its platform in response to user needs.

Having worked as an information manager for many years and with a particular interest in low cost, high value solutions to support content findability, Dale Moore was well placed to undertake a fresh review of the platform (subscriber content).

Read more about some of the platform's biggest changes, including:

  • A newly designed user interface
  • Improved content analytics and reporting.

The Holy Grail of Information Management

It can often be hard to know what users across the organisation actually need and Attensa helps information managers gain insight into user consumption. 

As Dale explains, "Getting the right information to the right people at the right time and in the right context has long been the holy grail of information management."

Dale found Attensa's real power lies in its options for administrators to fine tune the platform with its Catalogues, Streams and Filters.

With its content-agnostic approach, Attensa helps you organise the information you already have and would make a "valuable addition to any information-intensive organisation's toolkit".

Saving You Time and Money 

In his overview Dale says, "It's probably fair to say that many information professionals are unaware that tools such as Attensa exist, so this review could be something of an eye opener for them." 

FreePint Subscribers can log in now to read Dale's comprehensive Product Review of Attensa and find out how Attensa can save you time and money by aggregating your organisation's internal and external content, from premium subscriptions to social content, in one convenient location.

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