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By Sophie Alexander

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Read more about RefME, the award-winning automated citation tool for researchers and students worldwide. We asked reviewer Cindy Romaine what she thinks makes it so popular.


FreePint Topic Series: All About UsageRefME, a free automated citation tool, only launched in Sep 2014 but already has over 1 million users. Used by researchers in industry and academia, students, and even legal professionals, the product has already received numerous accolades and awards.

We asked Cindy Romaine to review the product as she has many years of experience in managing information resources and runs her own research consultancy. Having reviewed RefME (Subscriber content) she found its "ease of use for generating citations for bibliographies and footnotes" in a large number of formats of real value. 

As Cindy explains, "By efficiently creating bibliographic citations, RefME gives you more time to spend on the substantive part of your research and less time spent on formatting bibliographies, footnotes, and in-line references".

"Think of it as crowdsourced referencing," she adds.

The product has over 12.5 million books in its database and seven export options including:

As Cindy says "RefME is an excellent product for building resource lists, bibliographies and footnotes. Because RefME is free, not 'freemium', you get complete functionality from this product compared to other products that charge a fee for additional features."

If you're a FreePint Subscriber you can log in now to read the FreePint Review of RefME to find out why so many people are choosing to use this tool - and to help you make a decision as to whether it's the right tool for you.

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