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By Andrew Grave

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The "News, and Other Commodities" Topic Series includes many articles around international research. Series co-producer Andrew Grave reviews these articles and looks ahead to the concluding articles in the series on subjects from video news to researching West Africa.


As the FreePint Topic Series "News, and Other Commodities" draws towards its conclusion, I have been struck by the truly international nature of many of our recent articles.  

  • One of the first starting points for international research is macroeconomic data, a tricky area to get to grips with. Anja Thygesen's article "Finding and Using Macroeconomic Data" took us through the terminology before sharing her recommended free and subscription resources 
  • Those interested in researching specific emerging markets have been well-served by FreePint's recent Insider Knowledge guides to "Researching East Africa" and "Researching China", with an article on "Researching West Africa" soon to be published 
  • Information managers supporting the Asia-Pacific region should head to our "Q&A with Isentia" - the company describes itself as the only comprehensive media intelligence solution available in the region
  • Information managers in organisations selling into the US or Canada should read the FreePint Product Review of First Research. This clever market research resource helps answer the "so what?" question of market research by extracting the important industry issues and suggesting discussion points that organisations may wish to have with clients and prospects.

Our forthcoming articles in the series have very broad appeal. In "Has Video News Come of Age?", Rachael Elliott explores its benefits and appraises the tools to locate this content. We'll also publish the conclusion of Shimrit Janes' in-depth report "Analysing the Market Landscape for People Information".

For many information managers, news solutions will include Nexis or Factiva. Building upon the FreePint product reviews of Nexis and Factiva, we pit these two heavyweight resources against one another in "Factiva and Nexis Compared". But for those who are considering their own solutions, our article on DIY content aggregation, based on an earlier webinar on the subject, seeks to answer many of your questions.

Following introductory sections, we'll also publish the full report on our flagship Annual Survey on News Needs and Preferences.

Blogs and articles published since the last series update: 

Articles and reviews coming soon in the series:

  • Has Video News Come of Age? 
  • DIY Content Aggregation
  • Factiva and Nexis Compared
  • Insider Knowledge - Researching West Africa
  • Survey on News Needs and Preferences 2015
  • Index Report
  • Reflecting on the FreePint Topic Series "News, and Other Commodities"

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