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By Anke Russell


My Favourite Tipples are shared by Anke Russell, a senior research project manager whose experience runs from quantitative research to management of complex strategic projects. She shares her favourite online sources, useful whether spotting technology frontrunners or researching cross-border companies.


As a seasoned competitive intelligence and market intelligence research project manager and consultant I need to be able to anticipate with accuracy where the next big innovation and/or game changer may be coming from.

My choices of information resources can only skim the surface, but serve as excellent "jump-off" points for deep dives into discovering what tech innovation deserves which investor backing, why and in which market.  

  • TechCrunch: Good for keeping abreast of technology developments with TechCrunch Daily top-headlines, TC Week-in-Review, CrunchBase Daily for the latest start-up funding announcements, Unicorn Leaderboard, etc. TechCrunch topics can be filtered by person, company, product, or subject.

    Disrupt London 2015 winners gives an early understanding of what could be coming over the tech horizon, exciting the analyst and investor community later on, and provides contacts in the Silicon Valley tech incubator community.

  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Data from the World Bank: Created using the IMF’s Balance of Payments database, supplemented by data from UNCTAD and official national sources. FDI data is an essential tool for research and policy analysis and can be used as a basis for policy formulation, implementation and policy effectiveness assessment.

    FDI net inflows refer to direct investment equity flows in the reporting economy and can be an important determinant to assess to what extent the management of an enterprise is controlled cross-border.

  • Harvard Guides Library resources: This is one of the gold standards of how a well-resourced university library should present overviews of its web-based resources, commercially sourced database portfolio, its micro-level data resources and print resources.

    Use it as a checklist to guarantee the completeness of your research approach whilst also being a handy shortcut. The dedicated data reference librarians may even answer specific in-depth questions, even if you are not part of the academic Harvard community.

  • Bookwitty: Although I am keen to leverage the multiple advantages of the digital age, I still am a book enthusiast. Bookwitty is a book buying alternative to the mighty Amazon. Any book, in any language, anywhere in the world.

    Through a large and growing 10-year-old network of partners from every corner of the world, from publishers to small indie bookstores, you can get access to any kind of book in any language at the fairest price.

An article in FreePint I found particularly interesting: 

  • Shimrit Janes' Market Landscape report on seven different people information vendors. For campaign planning, product marketing reach, or peer group analysis, these tools are invaluable, but getting face-to-face with the real movers and shakers is the real basis for meaningful strategic and tactical relationship building.
    Successful and profitable business means people - not just a sophisticated digital reach-out shot that may result in transactional engagement only.

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