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By Sophie Alexander


Findout is a new tool that allows you to explore large volumes of industry reports and datasets. Discover why reviewer Andrew Lucas thinks it has a unique position in the market.


Launched in September 2015, Findout is a new company set up by Ubiquick Group, a data technology company based in France. Aimed at technology providers, management consulting firms, law firms and other research-intensive organisations, Findout’s content is report-based, factual data, drawn mainly from open source websites.  

FreePint asked contributing editor, Andrew Lucas, to carry out an in-depth review (Subscriber content) of this business tool, based on his global experience as a consultant in the online business information market and his regular contributions to FreePint

Creating Structure 

One of Findout’s key strengths is its ability to extract unstructured as well as structured content from the web, index it and add metadata.

With a particular focus on industry verticals, the six top level industries covered include:

  • Agribusiness & food
  • Consumer foods
  • High tech & media
  • Heavy industries
  • Life science
  • Service.

As well as drawing in its content using machine learning and artificial intelligence, Findout invests a large share of its budget on research and development, with a specialist team working on the development of the platform and products. Semantic search technology also improves the accuracy of its results.

Find Out More

Findout says its aim is to "expand the scope of research, allowing analysts to explore easily large volumes of industry reports and datasets published by official sources".

FreePint Subscribers can log in now to read FreePint's comprehensive Product Review of Findout and discover what place it might hold in your portfolio of sources.

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