Graham Southorn Meet Research Monitor from Euromonitor - Passport's Little Brother
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By Graham Southorn


Research Monitor is a cut-down, cut-price version of Euromonitor's high quality Passport database. Is it suitable for your organisation?


Euromonitor International describes itself as "the world's leading provider for global business intelligence and strategic market analysis", so it's hardly surprising that we receive so many requests for information about its products.

You might be familiar with Passport, Euromonitor's flagship product. Passport's little brother is Research Monitor, and our reviewer Sophie Alexander took an in-depth look at it in our Product Review of Research Monitor (Subscriber content).

Quality on a Budget

Passport, which Sophie reviewed in 2013, is aimed at companies across a range of sectors and used by "leading suppliers" in fields from advertising to finance and FMCG. 

Research Monitor, on the other hand, is an entry-level database providing industry, country and consumer research. It's aimed at small businesses and entrepreneurs as well as universities.

Sophie points out that Research Monitor gives you access to some of the same high-quality information you'd find in Passport. "Users can search a wide range of country and industry data with over 5,000 research reports written by Euromonitor's experts in a clear, simple style along with coverage of 80 countries."

The Latest Insight

Research Monitor is also good at flagging up the very latest articles by expert analysts on its homepage. This "provides insight into the key issues influencing industries, countries and consumers", writes Sophie in our review.

With site-wide subscriptions starting at $5,000, Research Monitor may be priced attractively for small- or medium-sized businesses.

So what's not to like? Well, not much really. It's very clearly pitched at a specific audience, designed for those end-users and priced for that market: "It's more of a junior version of Passport, designed to search cross-comparable country and subject data. As a result, you won't be able to craft more sophisticated search queries," writes Sophie.

In a competitive marketplace, Research Monitor is up against offerings from the likes of Key Note (read our Product Review January 2016) and others outlined in our report on 11 consumer research sources. It also faces competition from a raft of providers offering Pay As You Go access, which we've covered in a comparative article.  

Find Out More

We found Research Monitor simple to use, operating in a web browser without problems on a laptop, tablet and mobile but Euromonitor is not resting on its laurels and has pledged to make it even easier to use by adding "getting started" videos in future.

You'll find a full breakdown of Research Monitor's industry sectors and countries as well as detailed analysis of the database in our Product Review of Research Monitor which is available to Jinfo Subscribers.

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