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By Andrew Lucas


Over the last three months Jinfo has continued to explore many of the issues that are of specific interest to information managers in the banking and finance sector as well as more broadly across all organisations. Here we highlight some of those articles and reports - and discuss what you need to have both specialist information skills and to be aware of wider challenges.


Like professionals in other sectors, the role of the information manager in banking and finance is to be both a specialist and a generalist:

  • A specialist with respect to the specific information requirements and content needed within the businesses they serve - which is predominantly data driven
  • And also a generalist when it comes to some of the broader challenges faced by organisations in the way they manage information.

Specialist Content

Jinfo seeks to address some of the specific banking and finance information topics through individual articles and reports.

Over the last three months we have published Market Landscape Reports which look at areas such as financial information sources, company information and macroeconomic data. These reports provide a concise, high level view of the principal providers in each of the sectors.

The two-part report "FreePint Research into Private Company Information 2015" used original research by Jinfo to better understand the needs, perceptions and resources around private company data, which is always a challenging area for researchers and analysts. Private company data is also the subject of the upcoming product review on PrivCo.

Other recent product reviews have included Thomson Reuters Eikon and the Enterprise service from DueDil, covering UK and Irish company filings.

Tackling Wider Challenges

For banking and finance information managers facing wider challenges within their organisations, Jinfo has in the last quarter wrapped up its Topic Series "News, and Other Commodities", which looked at a variety of relevant subjects. There was also an in-depth analysis of the perceived merits of Factiva and Nexis drawn from Jinfo’s News Needs and Preferences Survey in "Deep Dive on News Survey Results - Factiva vs Nexis".

Our current Research Focus, "Strategic Alignment of IS and IT", runs from January - March 2016 and explores the "poor or non-existent relations between information services and information technology", an issue which has come up in many of the Jinfo surveys over the last five years as a barrier to innovation and progress.

In banking and technology, where IT plays a key gatekeeper role in the distribution of information and data services, the issues explored in the series will be particularly relevant. As well as articles and reports, the series includes webinars such as "Successful Relationships Between IS and IT: Tips from the Pros" (recording available to Subscribers).

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