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By Elizabeth Trudell

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In the diverse realm of manufacturing companies, it is a challenge to find the resources to provide content that covers the full range of scientific and engineering research needs and to implement technologies to improve access to such diverse content. Libby Trudell looks at recent Jinfo articles, reviews and webinars which help you do just that.


In the biopharma world, information centres can readily make the case for subscribing to industry-specific content collections, such as Chemical Abstracts, which are critical for scientific research and development. Such core content then provides a base for consistent budgeting and staffing, and the ability to invest in a range of technical solutions to access that content.

However, in the world of manufacturing, content often must support a wide and constantly evolving range of product divisions with different research needs, manufacturing processes and engineering techniques. This heightens the dual challenges of selecting content with the right mix of breadth and depth and implementing tools to improve the end user experience over a wide mix of content sources.


Assessing Content

In-depth product reviews offer support for the ongoing process of assessing new content sources and comparing them to existing services.

In the last three months, Jinfo has published detailed reports on multidisciplinary offerings including EBSCO Discovery Service and Web of Science that address the diverse needs of the manufacturing environment. An article and market landscape on discovery systems and a product review of the ProQuest Summon service provide grounding on the options available for enabling user access across a broad range of disparate sources.

Forming Key Partnerships

When it comes to choosing and implementing tools to improve information access, use and analysis, information centres in manufacturing environments may have to fight for the attention of their IT departments.

Recent Jinfo case studies show how two large manufacturing firms, Cargill and Lord Corporation have succeeded in building partnerships with their IT colleagues that are beneficial to both groups. Several recorded webinars offer additional insights on working with IT colleagues.

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