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By Catherine Dhanjal

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Information on fast growth companies is a traditional weakness of sales intelligence platforms, our mini review of CB Insights for Sales looks at how it performs in that space.


Finding information on private equity and venture capital has recently got easier with the launch of CB Insights for Sales in August 2015. We were interested to review the new funding database which was boosted by a $10 million Series A financing in November.

Our Mini Review of CB Insights for Sales is now online, reviewed for Jinfo by sales intelligence specialist Michael Levy.

He explains, "CB Insights for Sales is designed for strategic sales teams that target fast growth companies - information on fast growth companies is a traditional weakness of sales intelligence platforms."

As well as sales teams, "The product is also valuable for investors, corporate M&A teams, and business development executives in technology, consulting, executive recruitment, and marketing services."

Technology Drivers

The use of machine learning in databases is on the rise and whilst CB Insights currently gains 70% of its company intelligence from web crawling and 30% from investors and companies, the company's CEO, Anand Sanwal, reports that the balance is set to change to 50/50 "within 12 months".

Some of the standout features are underpinned by technology.

Michael highlights the job posting analytics as one of the most interesting, adding insights not provided by other solutions: "While other sales intelligence solutions provide current job postings, CB Insights analyses weekly postings over the past year. Users can click on any week and see historical job opening counts by category, level, and in total. Users can even click on a posting title to see full details of current and historical posts on Indeed."


Find Out More

For more information about why CB Insights for Sales should be considered by companies whose sales teams need "accurate, timely profiles of high-growth companies", including information on the extensive range of list building and search tools, and where the database sits in the competitive environment, read the Mini Review of CB Insights for Sales.

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