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By Norma Beavers


In our recent product review of PatentInspiration, we look at how this global patent database is set to shake up the market with new developments launching in the autumn.


Jinfo's latest product review is of PatentInspiration, AULIVE's global patent database.

It makes for good reading, especially with mention of an upcoming new product. Called AULIVIA, and bearing some resemblance to Apple's Siri, it could help to change the way research professionals approach patent search, compilation and analysis.

As a company AULIVE is building its reputation as a producer of innovative tools. Reviewer Scott Vine reports, "Within the core product [PatentInspiration] there are plans to try and integrate outward links from named inventors to their LinkedIn profiles (where they exist). They are also working on drag and drop functionality in the word-cloud analysis, to allow merging of different words into a search result."

New ways to predict innovations and patterns

The jewel in the crown though could well be the Siri-like AULIVIA. Scott reports that it is currently in Beta testing and is due to be released sometime in September. AULIVIA looks set to extend the AULIVE method, and further merge the company's PatentInspiration and MoreInspiration (which provides data on innovative new products).

Scott writes about AULIVIA, "It's a fascinating concept and an interesting development within the market." He notes, AULIVIA "will be applying innovation logic, deep learning precomputing (e.g. "Find related Terms") and predictive innovation patterns, to essentially coach innovators along the innovation process, suggesting: the values and problems to work on; what resources are around your system; what abstract system you have; which other domains are closely related, and might have solved your problems or opportunities for technology transfer; and which variations you can still make in your product or process, and what other domain already has it."

Find out more

Read the full in-depth product review, including information on AULIVE as a company and its PatentInspiration product as well as sister products ProductionInspiration, MoreInspiration and TestMyCreativity. To find out the key advantages and value of the latest product innovations, read Jinfo's product review of PatentInspiration.

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