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By Norma Beavers


Recent changes to Nexis have been prompted by user experience. We report on Jinfo's just-published "Mini review of Nexis - recent enhancements" which considers why Nexis is becoming simpler to use.


Content and technology for current awarenessRecent enhancements to Nexis (the subject of Jinfo's recent mini review) have delivered a new simplified search experience which LexisNexis says answers the call for simplicity following shifts in user behaviour.

But while Nexis may be simpler to use it is also offering more in terms of language support enhancements, as well as other enhancements well worth checking out.

Towards ever-easier search

Nexis still supports the most complex expert searching but LexisNexis reports that the user group that can build those kinds of searches is shrinking fast. What's more, the new-generation of users expect searches that are "simple and quick".

Apparently some of those users "were finding the previous LexisNexis search options too complicated; there is also increasing resistance by new users to any form of product training or induction" writes Jinfo's reviewer Chris Porter.


Nexis is ever popular, in Jinfo's 2016 "Survey on Current Awareness" it was once again one of the top two content sources for current awareness, alongside Factiva from Dow Jones.

Google continues to be a major competitive challenge, but LexisNexis says it is seeing a decline in over-reliance on Google's free-web content.

Find out more

Read the "Mini review of Nexis - recent enhancements" for a full update on recent changes and the other developments LexisNexis has in store.

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