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By Denise Carter


My Favourite Tipples are shared by Denise Carter, owner of DCision Consult, a competitive intelligence & business analytics service provider to the pharmaceutical & biotechnology industries. She shares her favourite online resources in areas from mind mapping to data visualisation.


As a researcher working across competitive intelligence and knowledge analytics in the biopharmaceutical field, I need tools that can save me time in managing my client projects. The more time I can devote to searching for data and then analysing the results and putting together all the pieces so that I can deliver the best answers to my clients' questions, the better!

  • ReadCube: I came across ReadCube whilst doing some initial information gathering for one of the first projects I had when I started DCision Consult and I found it incredibly user-friendly.

    It can be downloaded and used for free, although I do pay the small annual premium charge so that I can share my documents across my different devices. I particularly like the features where I can upload PDFs directly from my computer, or add a reference directly from PubMed. I also appreciate that I can organise by folders and sub-folders and have one reference in multiple folders. I use ReadCube almost daily to organise my secondary information resources for individual projects and add annotations.
  • I love visualising data. I've used to create a number of infographics and I find it very straightforward to use, both using templates or just going freestyle, plus it's easy to export the finished documents. And it's free!
  • MindNode: When I'm thinking through a large project or a complex topic I love using a mind mapping tool to break down the project or subject into more manageable chunks. I picked this one as it was free for Mac. It's not super sophisticated but it is quick and simple to use and has enough basic features for my needs, including a few export options.
  • theSkimm: An American client forwarded this, primarily as a style example of a quick news email alert that had some personality. Most days if I have time, I do "skim" through it. It does have its own style but it is generally an informative and well-summarised selection of the top stories of the past 24 hours. There is a US focus but it covers world events too.  

 For fun:

  • The Arts Desk: I make no apologies for being a huge TV addict. There is nothing I love more than watching a good detective drama, especially a Nordic Noir or three. I series link everything on BBC Four at 9pm on a Saturday.

    When I'm not watching TV I love reading TV reviews - amongst my favourites are those of The Arts Desk. It's free but I do pay the optional small annual fee to support their journalists. The Arts Desk covers much more than TV though and their music, comedy and theatre reviews help me keep up-to-date with the cultural scene in the UK.

An article in Jinfo which I found particularly interesting: 


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