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By Robin Neidorf


How au fait are content purchasers with purchasing data? How can you ensure you get data from information vendors that you can use in your own platforms, in a flexible way that suits your needs? Jinfo's director of research, Robin Neidorf, explains.


Content purchasers are increasingly data purchasers. This area of expertise is closely related to content procurement, and yet also requires you to overcome a new learning curve about what's available, the pricing models, and how stakeholders want to integrate data into their projects.

During the final weeks of 2016, as Jinfo completed our Research Focus, "Data analytics - ready your information service", many of our customers were heads-down in the details of completing significant contracts for the coming year. Our discussions with them regarding latest developments in terms and conditions focused on use of data:

  • In which forms could data be accessed?
  • How could vendors partner with customers to support and update data feeds?
  • What scope of use would govern customer interactions and derivations with data?
  • And most importantly, what would be the price parameters for accessing, using and leveraging data?

Regardless of the demand for a specific dataset for a particular analytics project, best practice suggests that you proactively negotiate data access into your contracts, or at least engage in serious discussions with your suppliers so that you have a full understanding of options as and when a project arises. 

Risky territory for vendors

For most of the vendors that you may be used to working with to purchase content, data licensing is a secondary - and risky - business line. For these vendors, their core business remains the development and licensing of content products - work environments and task-masters that have been tuned over time into the fully featured solutions they demo at conferences. 

But that business model is no longer sufficient to the needs and interests of buying organisations. They want data that they can use flexibly, in their own platforms and on third-party platforms, for a variety of potential internal- and external-facing uses.

This disconnect is why discussions need to happen early, proactively, and on a philosophical basis before specific projects requiring data are underway. The time to open discussion with a data supplier is not the day you get a request (or demand) from a project owner that Vendor X's proprietary dataset be licensed for a project already in the build stage.

Start discussion today

In our meetings with buyers and suppliers, we encourage both parties to address fundamental questions about the new data environment in which we now work:

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