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By Catherine Dhanjal


The Jinfo Research Focus "Developing an information-savvy workforce through strategic alignments" launches this month and runs until March. We ask the co-producers what they'll bring to the Focus and what we can expect to see covered.


Developing an information-savvy workforce through strategic alignmentsThe Jinfo Research Focus "Developing an information-savvy workforce through strategic alignments" is launching this month.

In this Research Focus we focus on the importance of working with colleagues in different departments to embed information skills into workforce development.

We invited an expert from the UK (Andrew) and from the US (Lynn) to work with us on this Focus, to ensure we have insights and experiences from both sides of the Atlantic. 

Jinfo: What's your background?

Andrew GraveI have worked in information and research for nearly 20 years and am currently a trainer and consultant. An important element of my work is helping information professionals add more value to their research by generating their own analysis and opinions. This helps them align themselves with the business and become more strategically important.

My information career included 11 years at large accountancy firm BDO. Here, the information team worked under three different models including a centralised team, embedded in the business and as part of a marketing department.

I am also chair of SLA Europe's events committee. Alongside projects for Jinfo, this keeps me on top of the important issues facing the information industry.

Lynn StrandI'm a librarian by education, but have spent my career working in organisations providing market and competitive intelligence. I bring a unique perspective to the information professional's position both within a company and as an independent info pro.

As a sole information specialist in a Fortune 500 technology company, I handled a large internal clientele. It was a key initiative for me to gain allies and "evangelists" within the organisation. Now, in my market intelligence practice, my clients are my best marketing tool.


Jinfo: What will the Research Focus bring to readers?

Andrew Grave: Today, corporate users have access to hitherto unheard-of amounts of great content at their fingertips and a lot of it is free. Despite this, I still hear regular tales of frustration from information professionals who complain that:

  • Wikipedia is being cited as a source
  • Users cannot distinguish between facts and opinions
  • Their research never reaches everyone who needs to see it.

The Research Focus will equip Jinfo readers with a set of tools to enable them to build successful alignments with other departments. Alongside the tools, information professionals from a range of industries will share with Jinfo readers how they have successfully created alignment and the lessons they learned in the process.

We will also determine what makes an organisation likely to succeed and explore how a single collaborative project can be used to secure long-term alignment for your department.

Lynn Strand: I'm looking forward to sharing the unique perspectives and roles that information professionals bring to the global corporate world. 

This Research Focus should provide an excellent opportunity for Jinfo readers to gain inside information on how best to create allies, market services and engage users.

The Research Focus "Developing an information-savvy workforce through strategic alignments" runs from January-March 2017. Visit the Research Focus page to find out more and keep updated on the latest content, webinars and Community sessions.

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