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By Robin Neidorf

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What does it take to "own" information strategy for your business, and what skills and partnerships do you need to underpin that strategy?


As you work on your 2017 strategy and plans, take a minute to ensure that you address the following questions:

  • What skills does the information team need?
  • What are the right partnerships required for successful projects?
  • How do we focus the work of information professionals on the highest value for the business?
  • What does it take to own information strategy for our organisation?

These are the primary themes of Jinfo's "state of the industry" insights, which we have been exploring with information managers through Community sessions via teleconference, in Chicago, Washington and London. Upcoming sessions are in the works for New York and Atlanta.

Over 100 information managers from all the industries Jinfo works with will have participated in these discussions by the time we finish the last session. They each prioritise the questions differently, depending on the particular projects and needs of their organisations. But all affirm the importance of asking these questions, even if the answers are a work-in-progress.

Today's "Jinfo for information strategy" includes a lot of articles and reports (see below) - it might even look like a daunting list. But what you'll find there are unique resources that help you ask and answer the right questions.

Consider, for example, "Jinfo model - researching and planning for data analytics risks": nearly every information manager we work with has concerns about the unknown challenges of developing successful analytics projects. This report offers an adaptable framework for identifying and addressing those risks. 

Our aim at Jinfo is to turn original research into practical tools to save you time; get you to the right answers for your organisation; and support your communication with senior leadership, partners and suppliers. Read our content, participate in our Community sessions, and ask about consulting for one-on-one assistance.


Recent Subscription Content of particular interest to our customers involved with information strategy: 


Data analytics


Risk & compliance

Data analytics

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Upcoming research and events

The current Research Focus, "Developing an information-savvy workforce through strategic alignments", runs from January - March 2017. Leverage relationships with such areas of the business as HR, training, IT and business units to embed a higher level of skill right where most information work is taking place - on the desktops of end users. Develop an effective strategy for workforce development, instead of struggling to get staff to come to training sessions or demos.


Community sessions:

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What's new at Jinfo?

The information team with the right stuff"The information team with the right stuff"

This Research Focus provides analysis, expert articles, product reviews, webinars and Community sessions on how information teams can adapt and evolve to meet the new skills required in today's dynamic environment. (April - June 2018).

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